Have a beautiful recession: Cosmetic Surgery on a budget

As economic turmoil is expected in the UK for another 3 years and families feel a continued squeeze on their incomes, the good news is this doesn’’t mean you have to kiss goodbye to looking good, start wearing home-made sack frocks and using charcoal mascara.

In fact, Senior Cosmetics Analyst Alexandra Richmond found that during a recession, women actually buy more skincare and makeup products. Lipstick sales in the UK are actually up by 11%!

This could be due to the desire for affordable “comfort treats” – little things we can afford to keep ourselves looking good whilst the going gets tough.

There are lots of products on the market that can make a big difference to your appearance without breaking the bank. The secret is knowing which ones are just gimmicks and which really do deliver results.

The answers may surprise you: it is not always the more expensive products, from the big-name companies that you need to invest in (often you are paying for packaging and perfume, rather than products which really work).

Here at Aurora, we only sell clinically-tested skincare and makeup products, many of which are only available to Aesthetic Practitioners and their clients. Some inside tips for looking amazing without spending a fortune are:

  • Flavo –C Cream – the best moisturiser we’’ve come across, providing a powerful hit of Vitamin C to stimulate collagen production for younger, healthier looking skin and a great glow! £22.50
  • Tensage Serum –- a very intensive serum which regenerates ageing skin, heals, smoothes lines and gives an amazing silky finish (great as a base for make-up!). £37.50
  • Cernor Coverstick –- for anybody considering eye surgery or who struggles with dark shadows under their eyes, …this may be for you! Easily the best under-eye treatment we’ve found, thanks to the high levels of Vitamin K Oxide and light reflecting agents. Not only conceals under-eye circles, but treats them too! £24.00
  • bareEscentuals Bisque – this mineral concealer is like nothing else we’’ve tried. Containing nothing but Bismuth, Mica and Iron Oxide, this concealer is not a powder or a cream …but gives amazing coverage that feels light yet is capable of hiding scars, acne, dark circles and red veins. Also contains SPF20 sun protection.
  • bareEscentuals Buxoms – the lip gloss that makes you look like you’’ve had your lips enhanced! With tons of ceramide to naturally boost collagen production, these tingling glosses really make your lips plump up. They come in a gorgeous range of colours and smell of caramel. £18.00

For those who want something more intense than a new lipstick or moisturiser, Aurora are offering an amazing bargain at the moment to help beat the credit card blues! For just £200, you can have:

  • A consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners
  • Any four skin treatments (Microdermabrasion/Skin Peel/Skin Tag Removal/Thread Vein Removal/Milia Removal)

to help you get your glow back and freshen up for 2011. Making each treatment only £50, this really is your chance to feel fabulous about yourself again without the guilt!

Of course, for some people, Cosmetic Surgery is the only option or you may want it badly enough to find the money against all odds. You can now apply for a BMI card which enables you to spread the cost of surgical procedures carried out at BMI Hospitals.

Many of Aurora’’s Hospitals are within the BMI family, so if you are interested in this option, call us on 01324 578290 and we’ll be delighted to advise you further.