What your man REALLY wants you to look like this Valentine’s!

It’’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day; the allocated day of the year for unashamed partner-baiting/celebrating your relationship with cards, romantic meals and making yourself look drop-dead gorgeous to confirm how lucky your man is to have you.

But with UK women increasingly choosing breasts, neck and face-lift surgeries above all others (except Botox and Fillers) in an attempt to feel more attractive, are these factors which affect a woman’’s beauty in the eyes of our men?

Or are other areas of greater importance to the perplexing opposite sex?

Many men are actually more bothered about your face than your body

On www.girlsaskguys.com, all the men questioned as to which they prefer claimed that a pretty face was more important, especially as bodies can be altered with exercise and diet.

In terms of which female facial features are most attractive to men, there is one clear winner: lips.

Scientists have recently discovered that the average man spends more than half his time looking at the mouth of a woman he has just met. This study found that men prefer a full, firm pout.

Interestingly, though, thinner lips increased in appeal by 40% once lipstick was applied…. More on this later!

After lips, it is your skin and complexion which get male hearts beating. Easy Living Magazine’’s Giles Coren speaks for many men when describing his ideal woman with ‘shimmering golden freckles’, ‘skin all lustrous and pink’ and ‘pink cheeks all a-blush’.

His description may sound like an unobtainable fantasy of natural perfection, but don’’t throw in the cleansing wipes just yet.

Coren confides, “All men think they prefer a girl with no make-up on. But it just means that you like women who know how to put their make-up on. All those girls who look natural and make-up free are just wearing really expensive stuff that they spent ages putting on and have been putting on for years and years and years and really know how to do.”

Bingo, Giles! The man’’s got it right on all counts except one: looking like your man’’s fantasy woman this Valentine’s Day does not need to be ‘really expensive’.

You just need to understand what your man wants and have the insider know-how to get it right.

For those perfect pouting lips, there are so many great options out there and this is one area that it’’s worth really taking your time to research properly; as David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group says, “”Lips are an important feature that are always on display”.”

Permalip silicone implants can give a permanent enhancement to your lips and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, tailored to you (see Before and After pictures on our Facebook page, Aurora-Clinics); for a less permanent but equally effective option, Lip Border and Body improvements can be made with Dermal Fillers.

Or, why not simply treat yourself to one of the gorgeous Buxom lip glosses from bareEscentuals which, with a very high natural Ceramide concentration and tingling menthol, instantly plumps up lips and permanently does so with continued use!

The research study into lips showed that men prefer red lip gloss above all others, …holding their attention for 7.3 seconds! This was closely followed by bright pink, which fascinated for 6.7 seconds! We recommend Buxoms in Vanessa (Red) or Kanani (Pink).

And to get that amazing glowing skin and rosy blush? It’’s all about your skincare regime and make-up. A lovely refreshing treatment like Microdermabrasion, where tiny crystals exfoliate the skin, can be the perfect pick-me-up to get you looking brighter.

We thoroughly recommend the Endocare and Tensage skincare ranges for amazing skin rejuvenation which will have you luminous in no time… – there is no fancy packaging, just high concentration of quality ingredients, so you don’’t pay extortionate prices.

The Endocare Ampoules (£30.00) or Tensage Serum (£37.50) will heal, revitalise and smooth beautifully. For the natural look there really is no make-up we’’ve found that gets you glowing quite like bareEscentuals. Mineral Veil gives a stunning soft finish, as if you’’ve been airbrushed, and the gorgeous Radiance range of blushes have the most subtle light-reflecting shimmer which is very flattering on both young and older skin.

All of these treatments/products and more can be purchased from Aurora Clinics or through our online shop. Above all, remember that although it is wonderful to look and feel good about yourself physically and to know that the man in your life finds you attractive, as the men at www.girlsaskguys.com all said, ““It’’s more about personality, and who you are as a person”.”

So smile… and have a truly beautiful Valentine’s Day from all the team at Aurora Clinics.