Louise – PIP Implant Replacement

Louise PIP Implant Replacement AmbassadorAfter living with her PIP implants for 13 years, it was finally time for Louise to look at getting them replaced. After hearing that Mr Richards had helped so many women who had the dangerous PIP implants Louise decided to visit him for a consultation. Read on to find out more about Louise’s surgical journey with the team at Aurora Clinics.

Why did you decide to have breast implant replacement surgery?

I had my first breast enlargement 13 years ago and unfortunately found out that I had the PIP breast implants. Obviously it came out in the news that they were bad implants and we were being warned to get them removed before problems occurred. I waited longer than I should have to get them removed for a number of reasons including losing my trust in a surgeon, not being able to afford it and I was still not sure whether to have them removed or replaced.

It was very stressful for me and always played on my mind. I heard from many people about the amazing work Mr Richards at Aurora had put in to helping patients who had PIP implants and the amount of cases he took on so he was obviously number one on my list.

After going for my consultation with Mr Richards and the lovely nurses I decided it was defintiely time for me to get them replaced and went ahead and booked in for a breast implant removal and replacement procedure.

“Mr Richards is A*. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

How has it changed your life?

After finally going ahead with my second surgery I can’t explain the relief to get the horrid PIP implants out of my body. It was overwhelming! I didn’t realise how much it affected my life or my state of mind until they were gone. The worry has now completely disappeared and I feel like a different person. I even sleep better at night!

When you’re self conscious, having a breast enlargement alone is the most amazing feeling and gives you a new lease of life but knowing you have safe implants is a whole new level! I am extremely happy!!

What would you say to someone in your shoes thinking about having breast implants?

If you’re self conscious about your breasts like I was then I would say it’s definitely worth having done – 1 million%. It’s worth every minute! But make sure you do your homework! Listen to what the Surgeon recommends for you and your shape because they know what’s best for you. Honestly, it’s the best thing you will ever do to make you feel like the real you!

How would you sum up your surgical experience at Aurora Clinics?

It was 100% a fabulous experience. Not only because of how I feel mentally and physically, but the minute you walk into Aurora and meet everyone, it’s like a family. It sounds strange but they are so warm and friendly it feels like you’ve known them for years. You feel at ease straight away. And when you are going through anything like surgery, that’s exactly how you should be made to feel.

And Mr Richards is A*. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. What a lovely, amazing man and he’s given me my new amazing breasts which look exactly how I wanted and I can’t ask for more than that.

Louise Breast Implant Replacement Ambassador

More information on the Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

Louise filmed her entire PIP implant replacement journey from consultation right through to recovery so she could share her experience with others considering this type of surgery. Click here to view the videos.

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