Counterfeit Botox: is it being used in the United Kingdom?

There have recently been a number of reports of the use of counterfeit Botox in the United Kingdom.

The advantage of this Botox to some is that it is cheaper than the Botox produced by the normal manufacturing companies. However, this Botox is incredibly dangerous as discussed further in our video blog posts.

Until recently, we felt it was very unlikely that any practitioner was using this counterfeit Botox because of its danger. It has come to our attention that a practitioner in our region is offering 3 areas of Botox for £99.

Someone who was treated by them had a very poor result following the treatment and they certainly felt that they were treated with substandard Botox.

If this practitioner is using foreign counterfeit Botox as a cost-cutting measure, we would 100% disagree with them performing this treatment. Counterfeit Botox is dangerous, unregulated and of uncertain strength, and the potential for poor results and danger to the patient are significant.

The message is if an offer seems too good to be true – it probably is. We would suggest that if you are considering Botox injection treatments, that you seek a consultation with a long-established, reputable clinic or practitioner.

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