What is the best treatment for sagging jaws?

This is a question we’re asked frequently and our general advice is in the very early stages when the jawline becomes slightly less defined and the jaws become slightly more prominent the best approach is Botox treatment.

There is a relatively new type of Botox treatment called the Nefertiti lift. Nefertiti lift is a treatment named after an Egyptian Goddess, Nefertiti, who in her pictures has a very well-defined and attractive jawline.

The aim of the Nefertiti lift treatment is to decrease the downward pull of the main muscle of the neck. This muscle is called the platysma muscle and by reducing the dermal pull from this muscle the jawline is improved, redefined and made sharper.

This Nefertiti lift is, in our opinion, the best treatment to try for people who have early stage changes in their jawline as it is safe and has a quick recovery period with minimum downsides.

In future blog posts, we’ll talk about the causes of jowling and some of the other treatments available.

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