What’s the best way for someone starting in the cosmetic industry to get adequate training?

We always recommend that anyone thinking of starting in the cosmetics industry attends a Foundation course to give them the necessary knowledge to perform successful treatments.

The longest standing and most successful course in the United Kingdom is Cosmetic Courses.

Cosmeticcourses.co.uk was set up 8 years ago and offers a number of courses aimed at improving a practitioner’s skills gradually.

The Foundation course covers all aspects of Botox and dermal filler treatments and involves a practical session where delegates are shown how to perform Botox injections.

Following the Foundation course there are a number of other courses including one-to-one training which aims to improve the practitioner’s skills, particularly dermal filler injections and Botox injections.

There is also an advanced course for more experienced practitioners to take their skills to the next level. Delegates from the courses are able to go on and develop a very successful aesthetic businesses from the strong foundation provided by Cosmetic Courses.


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