Is female genital surgery really plastic surgery?

Is female genital surgery really plastic surgery? Aurora’s Adrian Richards shares his thoughts…

Until today I might have said no. I met Erik Scholten in my clinic in Milton Keynes. Erik works in the room next to me on Fridays and we got talking about his specialty which is female genital surgery.

Previously, I had imagined this surgery was limited to labia minora reduction. Erik really opened my eyes and showed me pictures of patients prior to surgery with really very serious deformities that I’m surprised existed.

One patient was a 17-year old who had very, very enlarged labia minora which made it very difficult for her to have any relationships in the past.

After seeing Erik’s photos I’ve much more understanding and sympathy for people who undergo this form of surgery.

Erik feels that most of the patients who come to him have real problems as in any other type of plastic surgery. His aim is to make normal the abnormal rather than what is commonly perceived – that plastic surgery is simply to make things more pretty or youthful.

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