Labiaplasty: The Long and Short of It

Let’’s face it – …nobody likes seeing their doctor about “women’’s problems” do they? Especially not here in the UK: we get awfully embarrassed about that kind of thing.

We’’d rather be at home on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and TOWIE than spread-eagled on a GP’’s chaise with our feet in stirrups.

Now you’’ve got another option when it comes to sorting out those Embarrassing Body Issues… – and it might just surprise you. No longer the sole domain of GP’s and Gynaecologists, Plastic Surgeons are now Boldly Going where No Man Has Gone Before (*cough*) and offering treatments such as Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty.

Very popular treatments they are proving to be, too. The bookings rate for Labiaplasties (a procedure to reduce or change the shape of the female genital lips) has risen dramatically over the past few years, with the UK following hot on the heels of America.

It is not only Page 3 girlies, risqué pop stars and loose women who are requesting this newly popular procedure. Far from it.

Nowadays, Labiaplasty is becoming more socially acceptable. It is recognised that many women request this surgery for functional or medical rather than purely aesthetic reasons.

Some of the main groups of women coming forward for Labiaplasty cosmetic surgery are: •

  • Those who have lost a great deal of weight
  • Women who have had multiple or traumatic childbirths
  • Women born with asymmetrical vaginal lips
  • Keen cyclists or horse-riders experiencing discomfort.

There are two main forms of Labiaplasty – Labia Minoraplasty and Labia Majoraplasty. The first involves the inner lips and the second the outer lips.

In both instances, Labiaplasty surgery involves contouring, reshaping and reducing your labia in size, not removing the labia altogether! The ideal is to use as little cutting as possible whilst creating as much symmetry as possible.

Done well, by an expert Cosmetic Surgeon, this should leave no obvious outward scarring or “tell-tale” signs, just restore a youthful look.

There are other great benefits to Labiaplasty surgery: •

  • Possibilities for both General or Local anaesthetic (discuss with your surgeon)
  • Relatively minor surgery
  • Recovery time is relatively quick (although you should be prepared for quite substantial bruising and swelling in the region)
  • Can dramatically improve self-esteem, symmetry and comfort.

BUT it is vital to have realistic expectations and not to see this surgery as a “quick fix” for self-confidence or your physical relationship.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to having this type of surgery done by a Cosmetic Surgeon rather than a Gynaecologist is the customer service aspect that you will receive. You will, of course, get 100% confidentiality and be treated with the utmost sensitivity.

At Aurora Clinics, we understand that this is a very delicate matter for you and will provide reassurance to put you at ease. All of our Surgeons are kind, approachable and expert listeners as well as highly qualified medical professionals.

Coming to a Cosmetic Surgery clinic, you will be made to feel like somebody special: we will take our time with you, listen to all your concerns and offer you as many consultations as you require in order to feel ready to proceed with your Labiaplasty surgery.

Call Aurora Clinics today on 01324 578290… – don’’t keep it all inside any longer.