Question about treatment for acne scarring


I would like to know what treatment would work best for scarring on my back and chest as a result of severe acne and if you can provide this treatment? The scars are raised and have a slight purple tinge to them.


It would be helpful if you could send us a clear photograph of the area so that we can more accurately assess whether this is an issue for one of our Aesthetic Nurses or a more extreme surgical case.

Even severe acne scarring can usually be treated very successfully with non-surgical skincare procedures like the Dermaroller. You can read more about this treatment on our website and recent Blogs.

We certainly do provide this treatment at Aurora Clinics and our Aesthetic Nurse Libby Stewart would be delighted to offer you a consultation to assess your suitability if you give us a call on 01324 578290.

Without seeing the extent of your scarring, however, it is difficult to ascertain whether this would work for you which is why booking a free consultation (by calling us on 01324 578290) or sending photographs so that we can advise further is the next step in going forwards.

With Best Wishes,
The Aurora Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Team.