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What is the best skin treatment for deep lines between the eyebrows?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I have a deep furrow between my eyebrows and would be interested to find the best treatment for this. Answer: The best way to erase a deep line between your brows is with a non-surgical treatment of injections to relax the muscles that cause frown lines. These muscles are called the […]

Which Skin Treatment can give me a clear complexion?

Question: I am looking for the perfect skin procedure to have before my wedding: I really want a clear complexion on the day. In the past, I have had brown spots and age marks on my cheeks as well as open pores. I also have acne scars on both my nose and face. I suffer from […]

What is the best treatment for hyper-pigmentation on the cheeks?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I suffer from hyper-pigmentation of the cheeks and my skin is highly sensitive to the light and sun. Would a chemical peel improve this or could you suggest something better? Answer: Thank you very much for your enquiry with regard to pigmented areas on your cheeks. This is often because of […]

How can I treat Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, could you tell me if I am suffering from a condition known as hyperhidrosis as I have noticed that I sweat profusely around the face, forehead and scalp? I would be grateful if you could recommend a suitable treatment for this condition as it has caused me a great deal of […]

What is the best non-surgical treatment for lines on upper lip?

Question: I have deep lines on my upper lip. Can you recommend the best way of treating them? Answer: There are a number of ways to treat the lines on your upper lip. This includes dermal fillers and Anti-wrinkle injections. Very fine superficial lines can sometimes be treated with either Chemical peels or a Dermaroller but […]

How can I remove thread veins from my legs?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, could you please tell me how thread veins are removed from the legs? I would also like to know the cost for such treatment and how this procedure is carried out. Answer: Thank you very much for your enquiry. There are a number of ways to remove veins from your legs. […]

Question about treatment for acne scarring

Question: I would like to know what treatment would work best for scarring on my back and chest as a result of severe acne and if you can provide this treatment? The scars are raised and have a slight purple tinge to them. Answer: It would be helpful if you could send us a clear […]