What is the best treatment for hyper-pigmentation on the cheeks?


Dear Aurora Clinics, I suffer from hyper-pigmentation of the cheeks and my skin is highly sensitive to the light and sun. Would a chemical peel improve this or could you suggest something better?


Thank you very much for your enquiry with regard to pigmented areas on your cheeks. This is often because of sun damage which causes the skin cells to produce more pigment in the form of brown marks.

Firstly, you should reduce the amount of sun which reaches your skin by applying a high factor sun block on a daily basis. We have a number of specialist Heliocare sun products which we can highly recommend.

When the brown pigmentation has been established it can be treated with a combination of chemical peels and fading creams which take some months to work.

A pigmentation cream such as MelaClear gently decreases activity of the pigment cells in your skin, thus reducing the dark marks to this area. We sell this at Aurora and can provide guidance on how to achieve optimum results with this product.

If you would like further information on some of the techniques which can be used to treat these areas please ring us on 01324 578290. Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation to discuss the best form of treatment for you.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team