Our very own Adrian Richards on Radio 4’s Today programme

Adrian RichardsHe’s always been a superstar to us, and now Mr Richards is becoming a bit of a national celebrity too.

This morning at 8.45am, he was a featured guest on Radio 4’s Today programme in a segment about Botox.

It was 10 years ago this year that the US Food and Drug Administration first approved Botox for use cosmetically.

The Today programme item is a short discussion about the ethics of using Botox as a beauty treatment. Mr Richards was there representing the industry and discussing his views on the use of Botox.

It’s a short interview, but very interesting nonetheless. Among other questions, Mr Richards is asked whether he’s ever had Botox himself – and whether his wife has had it. Have a listen on the BBC iPlayer to find out how he answered…

Click here to listen (interview begins at around 2hr 49m)