Fight Fat & Fight Cancer! 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Trend

2011 is the year of the war on obesity. So the big buzz in Cosmetic Surgery is Fat Removal procedures: “We’re talking freezing fat, zapping fat, melting fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles)”,” says Denise Mann (ed. Ceatus Cosmetic Surgery Group).

This comes hot on the heels of news from the World Cancer Research Fund that women are at a particularly high risk of developing cancer if they are overweight or have large waist circumferences.

Worryingly, 44% of women (WCRF found) have raised waist measurements, possibly correlating to the rise in newly diagnosed breast and endometrial cancers amongst women. Men are also at an increased cancer risk if they allow their waistlines to balloon but, statistically, a smaller 32% of men are in this position.

This is not because women are greedier than men: research by Slimming World found that having a baby is the most significant cause of weight gain –- “perfectly understandable”, but still to be avoided considering the severity of potential consequences.

In December, the Public Health Observatories classed many Brits as dangerously overweight (obese) and found the UK one of the unhealthiest European nations. This is considered thanks to our love of junk food and aversion to exercise!

Anyone with a Body Mass Index over 30 is potentially at risk of damaging their health. As discussed in the previous blog, many Cosmetic Surgeons advise patients to get their weight down to this level and stabilised before having surgery.

However, the good news is there are plenty of weight-loss surgery options available if you would like to further shape up for 2011: Liposuction and Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) surgery are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for individuals with a relatively high BMI.

Gynaecomastia (male breast reduction) procedures can provide a great confidence-boost for men carrying surplus weight in this area. And for those who have managed to shed a lot of weight but now have lots of excess skin, Body Lift, Breast Lift (Mastopexy), Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Face Lift and Flank Reduction surgeries can be a godsend.

And if you want to re-shape the contours of your waistline, how about the revolutionary new, less invasive, VASER Lipo? At Aurora Clinics, we are proud to offer these fat-fighting surgeries with our great team of highly trained surgeons, including Mr Prashant Govilkar (who specialises in all cosmetic weight loss and body contouring procedures) and Dr Alexandra Chambers, who offers VASER Lipo.

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