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Government’s response to cosmetic industry review “a wasted opportunity”

So, the Government have made their long-awaited response to NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh’s recommendations for the cosmetic industry. And, unfortunately, it’s a bit of a damp squib. Far from being the radical overhaul many were hoping for, it turns out it’s “business as usual” for the cosmetic industry – with not a single […]

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Permalip for the perfect pout

Full lips are one of the most admired – and desired – facial features, being a classic signifier of beauty and youth. For that reason, many people born with naturally thin lips, or who find their lips have lost volume over time, can be dissatisfied with their appearance. The popularity of injectable lip fillers is […]

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Implant Removal and Replacement of 410cc Silicone Implants

This video is of an implant removal and replacement of 410cc breast implants. We are told by Mr. Richards that our patient had silicone implants, then had a change to saline, then went back to silicone. There is also a suspicion that the left implant is ruptured, which flags up the danger of the implant […]

40mm Bilateral Stretched Earlobe Repair

Here we have a bilateral earlobe repair stretch of 40mm flesh tunnels. We start the video with Mr. Richards showing us his markings on the ears, and explaining the process he will go through for removing it. The actual surgery itself is skipped over, and we are simply shown the pieces of earlobe that have […]

Plastic surgery ‘booming’ in the UK

The BBC has reported on BAAPS’ (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) latest statistical findings – that reveal the UK’s ardour for plastic surgery is not abating. In fact, the figures reveal something of a boom last year, and this despite the UK still being in the grip of a recession. So what cosmetic […]

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South Korean woman’’s new jawline sparks controversy

An un-named South Korean woman’’s new facial silhouette has sparked controversy for its extremity. Believed to be a TV reporter, the ‘after’ photograph of the female shows an extremely reduced jawline with a narrow and pointy heart shape. The before photograph shows what might be perceived as a more ‘normal’ oval/heart-shaped face. While clearly quite […]

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Unilateral Tribal Earlobe Repair

This video shows a tribal earlobe being repaired. Mr. Richards does a voiceover throughout the video to explain each process in detail, as usually when it comes to local anaesthetic procedures such as this, he prefers to converse with the patient to keep them more relaxed with discussions about themselves, so they don’t focus on […]

Thinking about Breast Enlargement?

Breast Enlargement is the world’’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, and growing in popularity all the time. Figures released by BAAPS this week show the procedure saw a 13% increase last year in the UK, and it is by far the most requested surgery at our clinics. If you are thinking about breast enlargement surgery, […]

Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 5

Here we are in the final part of the implant removal and mastopexy surgery, and Mr. Richards in light of the revelation that his wife asked for a table football for Christmas, the conversation continues. There is reminiscence and nostalgia, and even divided opinion when it comes to ‘spinning’. This conversation comes to an end […]

Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 4

Part 4 of the implant removal and mastopexy surgery, and at the start of the video Mr. Richards is once again doing the de-epithelialization, which if you were paying attention to part 2, then you will certainly understand what that is. Once this process is complete we hear Mr. Richards call for the needle and the […]

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