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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Inverted Nipple Surgery

Nipple Surgery – which surgeries can be performed?

Last month, Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan told all about her new nipple piercing. The model revealed her penchant for going bra-less and showing her nipples under her clothes, describing it as “understated and sexy”.  Good on her for being proud of her nipples. But if you’re not, what can be done surgically to […]

Aurora Clinics: Nipple reduction surgery - a popular procedure as summer approaches

Nipple Reduction Surgery – some frequently asked questions

Trees bursting with blossom, an unfamiliar yellow thing in the sky, ice cream vans blaring their siren song – spring has finally sprung. And if the Met Office experts are right, we’re headed for a scorching summer. While most relish the approach of warmer weather, for those with body hang-ups, the prospect of wearing more […]

Aurora Clinics: Nipple reduction surgery - a popular male cosmetic procedure

Smaller, rounder, flatter – the 3 types of Nipple Reduction and who they’re for

Nipple Reduction may not get its fair share of coverage in the media, but it’s something we consistently receive enquiries about at Aurora. In our experience, when people ask us about nipple reduction, they may actually be referring to any one of three procedures: nipple reduction, areola reduction, or gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction). Each […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Can I have inverted nipple surgery at 16 years old?

Inverted Nipple Surgery Question: Hi, I am a 16-year-old male with inverted nipples. They are not inverted all the time, but I find them very embarrassing. I am 6 feet tall and weigh around 140 pounds. I do work out and try to focus on the chest area but unfortunately have not seen any results. […]

Inverted nipples – do I have them?

Though not widely discussed, inverted nipples affect many more people than you might think. Approximately 10% of the population has nipple inversion to some degree – and it may surprise you to know that men are just as likely to be affected as women. Besides the cosmetic concerns for both sexes, inverted nipples can also […]

Men get abnormalities of the nipple and areola too!

What abnormalities of the nipple and areola occur in men? Men can get prominent nipples. They stick out a little bit too much. This can embarrass men when wearing tight fitting t-shirts because their nipples show through. Prominence of the areola. This is a common complaint amongst men visiting cosmetic surgeons. They are concerned about the […]

The Great Nipples Debate: A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Have you heard the debate about Nipple Pictures on Social Media? Massive social media platform Facebook have forbidden photos of breastfeeding. The reason for this is that they often show exposed nipples. Many people, especially Mums, are quite upset by this. They argue both that the move suggests breastfeeding is ‘wrong’ and that it implies […]

Case study of a lady who had Inverted Nipple Correction today

Today we operated on a lady who had been concerned about her inverted nipples for the past 54 years. She mentioned that this had caused her difficulty with social relationships and also affected her self-confidence over the years. The inversion was corrected under local anaesthetic with the patient awake using Mr Richards’’ standard technique. The nipples will be […]

Is Inverted Nipple Correction possible after previous surgery?

Today in clinic we saw a very interesting lady who’d had a right-sided inverted nipple for the past 45 years. She underwent an attempted correction of this in 1985 and again in 1995, and had four pale scars radiating away from the nipple in a cross pattern. These were produced by an old-fashioned technique for nipple […]

Extra nipples

Extra nipples (accessory nipples) are very common. They normally occur on one side but can occur on both and occur normally in a line underneath the nipple. They vary in size significantly and this one, I would classify as a moderate size. They are relatively straightforward to remove as shown in the video, leaving a thin […]

Inverted nipples – what operations are there to cure them?

Inverted nipples can be treated in various ways, and approaches will vary depending on the surgeon. There are a number of different operations described to correct inverted nipples. One technique involves lifting up the thin productive skin from the areolas (the brown area around the nipple) and placing it under the nipples. Other techniques use cartilage from […]

Inverted nipples – what causes them?

Nipple inversion is a fairly common condition – over 1 in 10 people have inverted nipples.  But what causes them, and how can they be treated? The cause of this is shortened milk ducts which pull the nipple inwards. Although the muscles of the nipple contract and try to pull the nipple outwards, the short ducts actually tether […]

How effective is the Niplette patch?

Q) I have inverted nipples Grade 1 and after watching your video and researching on the internet I really want to try the Niplette, but I’m worried about having permanent erect nipples. Will they always show through clothes or does it just mean they will be out like normal women’s? I would really appreciate your advice. A) I think […]