Permalip – Lip Enhancement

Permalip is an implant for your lips. It creates a natural look, but plumps out your lips with the use of an implant. It is a permanent solution to Dermal Fillers, which is what a lot of starters go for when enhancing their lips. However Dermal Fillers only last for around 6 months, whereas a […]

Nipple Reduction

A nipple reduction procedure basically makes your nipples or areola’s smaller. Nipples may be too prominent, be too wide or be an uneven shape. This can affect decision making when wearing and buying clothes, and can be a cause of embarrassment when changing in public. Usually the surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic so […]

Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipples are incredibly common, and affect an estimated 10% of the UK population. They can be a cause of embarrassment when changing in public or when you are with a sexual partner. Surgery is not always essential as different grades of nipple inversion can be rectified by a nipple suction device called the Niplette. […]

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is basically non symmetrical breasts, usually with one being larger than the other. With different sizes it can lead to a very unbalanced look of the breasts, as one will naturally sag more. Most women have asymmetry in their breasts, but it is usually small enough for it not to cause a problem, […]

Breast Capsulotomy / Capsulectomy

A breast capsule is an issue for people who have breast implants. The body naturally develops a lining to wall off foreign objects such as an implant. The lining is essentially scar tissue which is referred to as a capsule. Capsules can also occur around joint replacements e.g. a hip replacement. Around 1 in 25 […]

Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

A breast uplift is also known as a Mastopexy. The procedure involves the re-shaping of sagging breasts which gives you a firmer and more youthful looking breast area. Often a Mastopexy is done in conjunction with a breast enlargement or a reduction. The breast lift itself does not alter the size of the breasts. The […]

Breast Enlargement With Uplift (Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy)

A breast enlargement and a mastopexy is ideally suited to women who have lost volume in the breasts. This can usually be pinpointed to pregnancy or the loss of considerable weight. An enlargement makes the breast bigger with the use of an implant and the mastopexy tightens the bust, and moves the nipples to a […]

Brow Lift (Brow and Eye Lift Surgery)

A brow lift is under the knife surgery used to elevate the eyebrows. The muscles the lie underneath can be trimmed to reduce the frown lines. This can help alleviate headaches due to overactive muscle contraction in the frown lines. It doesn’t help baggy lower eyelids or crow’s feet lines. For information regarding these treatments […]

Full Facelift and Neck Lift (Cervicoplasty or Platysmaplasty)

A full facelift and a necklift can be referred to as a cervicoplasty or a platysmaplasty. A Face and Neck lift uses many of the qualities from a Full Facelift. The incision is behind the ear in the hairline going up to the temple and the skin is pulled and stretched with the excess being […]