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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Inverted Nipple Surgery

Nipple Surgery – which surgeries can be performed?

Last month, Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan told all about her new nipple piercing. The model revealed her penchant for going bra-less and showing her nipples under her clothes, describing it as “understated and sexy”.  Good on her for being proud of her nipples. But if you’re not, what can be done surgically to […]

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Our Latest Patient Satisfaction Survey – September 2015

Patient satisfaction is something we work hard for at Aurora. Any plastic surgery clinic is only as good as the service it provides, and the results it achieves, for its patients. We’re committed to giving our patients the best outcomes possible – and our work doesn’t end with their surgery. Once our patients have had time to […]

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Aurora Clinics: Crisalix surgery simulator

Considering Breast Enlargement? Come and try our new 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator

Are you curious how you’d look with a Breast Enlargement? Come and find out with our new Crisalix Plastic Surgery Simulator. When you’re considering any plastic surgery procedure, there’s plenty to think about. But the biggie is what you can expect to look like afterwards. You may be deeply unhappy with something and desperately want […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Facelift Surgery

Starting your Plastic Surgery research? Avoid these 4 pitfalls

If you’re seriously thinking about surgery, you’ll be excitedly finding out about your procedure and looking for surgeons. But plastic surgery research is a minefield. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. So keep your wits about you. Plastic surgery research – the traps to avoid… 1. Trusting that one friend […]

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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Breast Implant Replacement – when’s the right time?

If you’ve got breast implants, you’ve probably considered the prospect of having them replaced. But when’s the right time to change your implants? Well, mostly due to conflicting or outdated advice, there’s a lot of confusion about how long breast implants actually last. There’s a common misconception that they’re only good for 10 years, almost […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Inverted Nipple Surgery

5 things you should know about Inverted Nipple Treatment

Inverted nipples, far from being rare, are actually pretty common. They occur in around 10% of the population – more than the number who have blue eyes. Plenty of people embrace their inverted nipples. But if you have them and would rather you didn’t, you’ve probably thought about treatment. If that’s the case, you might […]

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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Reduction Surgery

Can breasts regrow after Breast Reductions?

At our clinics, we’re seeing a growing number of enquiries for Breast Reductions, especially from younger women. But is there a ‘right time’ for a Breast Reduction – and can they grow back again? Well the short answer is yes, breast tissue can grow back after surgery, under certain circumstances. It’s more likely to happen […]

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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

When’s the right time to have a Tummy Tuck after weight loss?

If you’re looking into tummy tuck surgery, you’ve probably heard the advice to wait until you’ve reached your goal weight first. But with excess skin distorting the figure on the scales, and weight loss plateaus, it’s not always that simple. So how do you know when it’s the ‘right’ time? Deciding when the time is […]

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