Ruptured PIP implants removal and replacement

In this video we see a ruptured PIP removal and replacement operation. She had the PIP implants inserted in 2005. After taking out both PIP implants we discovered that the right one was severely ruptured, and the left one appeared to just have gel bleed at first look. After a closer inspection we discovered that […]

Botox Testimonial – Male Patient

A 40-year-old male patient describes his experience of having Botox and dermal fillers to treat his frown lines at Aurora Skin Clinics. In this  botox testimonial video, he tells us his reasons for having the treatment, what made him choose Aurora Skin Clinics in particular, and the reaction he has had from his friends. If […]

Katie Price in reported outburst over results of her Plastic Surgery

Earlier this month glamour model and mum of three, Katie Price, apparently suffered a meltdown over her appearance in front of strangers in the ladies’ toilets of celebrity hangout, Gilgamesh. She was there attending the 30th birthday party of footballer Jermaine Defoe and supposedly bemoaned the effects of her plastic surgery to other guests. Despite […]

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America’s extreme Plastic Surgery fans revealed

American network ABC is due to screen a show based on revealing extreme cases of plastic surgery. The first subjects they introduce include Justin Jedlica, a plastic surgery enthusiast who has spent over $100,000 dollars on achieving his dream body and face, and breast enhancement fan Lacey Wildd. Jedlica’’s first operation was a rhinoplasty (or […]

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Ruptured PIP Replacement Surgery

This lady had her PIP implants originally in 2005. The MRI showed no signs of rupture but there was some serious discomfort as the implants were placed under the pec major muscle and the serratus anterior muscle. We found a slight gel bleed and deflation in the right implant, and a rupture in the left […]

Rihanna to get Breast Enlargement?

According to US tabloid The National Enquirer, worldwide pop sensation Rihanna is considering undergoing breast enlargement surgery to increase her bust by at least one cup size. The singer, who is admired worldwide for her figure, is supposedly going to do so at the behest of violent ex Chris Brown, who she split from in […]

Plastic Surgery – a brief history

Although it has not become common for the majority, the rising popularity of plastic surgery has nonetheless seen it come from the preserve of a very few to the norm for a significant minority. Here we plot its history… Origins Plastic surgery can be dated as far back as 800BC in India, where the first rhinoplasty […]

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Projected increase of 9% in Cosmetic Surgery this year

Market analysts Key Note have delivered their forecasts for the plastic surgery industry, with estimates that it will increase in value from last year by 9%, from £711 million to £775 million. This includes both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. These figures show that the industry continues to grow with a continually increasing demand from […]

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