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Unilateral Breast Uplift and Unilateral Breast Reduction to correct Breast Asymmetry

Here we have quite an unusual surgery video, with a patient who has breast asymmetry. She has requested an uplift to one breast, and a reduction to the other to balance out her boobs instead of going down the breast implant route most women with asymmetry do. She decided that she definitely did not want […]

Bilateral Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

This is a video of bilateral inverted nipple correction surgery. The video starts with Mr Richards starting on the right nipple, having already completed the left side. Both sides are grade three inverted nipples. The milk ducts are just as tight on the right as they were on the left. The patient is aware of […]

Breast Reduction Surgery at Aurora Clinics performed by Adrian Richards

Here we have a breast reduction surgery performed by Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics. The video begins, and we see the right side has already been completed. Mr Richards compares the two breasts and talks through what he will do to the left, to match it to the right. He will move the nipple up […]

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Surgery

This is a video of breast implant removal and replacement surgery. We pick up the video with the risht side already completed. The patient originally had 390cc high profile Nagor implants, and is having them replaced with 615cc Allergan TSX implants. Our patient wanted a fuller appearance and a much larger bust, which is why […]

Advertisers block realistic portrayal of women seeking Plastic Surgery

A move by a group of UK plastic surgery clinics to improve the reputation of plastic surgery through more honest advertising is being blocked by magazines. The adverts used images of realistically sized women and were distributed to several online magazines. They featured a selection of photographs with close up images of women sporting problem […]

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Implant Removal and Replacement – Catastrophic singular PIP Rupture

Here we have a PIP rupture surgery video, which contains two implants at completely opposite ends of the scale, with one completely in tact and the other horrifically ruptured. The patient in this video had her breast enlargement surgery back in 2004, and from an ultra-sound scan we suspect that the left one if ruptured. […]

Mammoplasty Surgery (Breast Reduction)

This is a surgery video of a Mammoplasty, which is otherwise known as a breast reduction. The video begins with Mr Richards showing us his markings, pointing them out on the patient. He shows us where he will position the nipple, using a short scar technique. The short scar technique, will go around the areola, […]

Implant Removal and Replacement – Very Early PIP Rupture

This is an implant removal and replacement surgery video, containing the infamous PIP implants. Our patient had her implants inserted in 2005, and they are 270cc. The implants she is having inserted in place of her PIPs, are Nagors, and they will be a similar volume. As the actual surgery gets underway, Mr Richards inspects […]

Amanda Bynes ‘posts’ Nose Job on Twitter

Proving the younger generation have fewer qualms over sharing their plastic surgery stories, American child star Amanda Bynes admitted her own rhinoplasty in the most thoroughly modern way –- via Twitter. The actress, now 27, decided to publicise her nose job so that the media would use recent photographs instead of older ones as she […]

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Implant Removal and Replacement with Breast Capsulectomy

This is a surgery video of implant removal and replacement, with a breast capsulectomy. We begin the video with Mr Richards explaining exactly what a capsule is. A capsule constricts an implant, causing it to lose shape and feel very firm. It can also be quite painful, and the shape of the breast looks strange […]

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