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Aurora Clinics: Photo showing how Permalip implants can be used for facial rejuvenation

3 ways Permalip lip enhancement can make you look younger

We all know that when it comes to beauty, the eyes have it. A perfect pair of peepers has the power to elevate an ordinary face into something extraordinary. But we often underestimate the area around the mouth (peri-oral area) when it comes to facial attractiveness. Particularly when it comes to anti-ageing. Most anti-ageing treatments focus […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Permalip Before and After

Permalip – the quick and safe treatment for permanently fuller lips

We’re sure plenty of folk gaze in the bathroom mirror and wonder how they’d look with fuller lips. (It can’t just be us.) And now increasing numbers of people in the UK, both male and female, are getting proactive about their pouts – and choosing to undergo Permalip surgery. If you’re thinking about lip enhancement […]

Lip implants surge for those seeking a permanently plump pout

For anyone looking for an easy way to enhance the lips nature gave them, injectable fillers have been a revelation. Restylane, Juvederm and other hyaluronic acid-based fillers have become the gold standard for adding volume to lips swiftly and safely. But like a perfect summer, delicious dessert, or good hair day, unfortunately they don’’t last. […]

Minor surgeries for subtle enhancement – Permalip and Blepharoplasty

As the aesthetic industry has matured, and techniques have become more sophisticated, there has been a gradual shift toward more subtle procedures and natural results. The best aesthetic professionals now aim to enhance what is already there, with a ‘less is more’ approach – rather than looking for dramatic changes that may not necessarily fit […]

Permalip for the perfect pout

Full lips are one of the most admired – and desired – facial features, being a classic signifier of beauty and youth. For that reason, many people born with naturally thin lips, or who find their lips have lost volume over time, can be dissatisfied with their appearance. The popularity of injectable lip fillers is […]

What your man REALLY wants you to look like this Valentine’s!

It’’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day; the allocated day of the year for unashamed partner-baiting/celebrating your relationship with cards, romantic meals and making yourself look drop-dead gorgeous to confirm how lucky your man is to have you. But with UK women increasingly choosing breasts, neck and face-lift surgeries above all others (except Botox and Fillers) in […]

Have a beautiful recession: Cosmetic Surgery on a budget

As economic turmoil is expected in the UK for another 3 years and families feel a continued squeeze on their incomes, the good news is this doesn’’t mean you have to kiss goodbye to looking good, start wearing home-made sack frocks and using charcoal mascara. In fact, Senior Cosmetics Analyst Alexandra Richmond found that during […]

Permalip Implants procedure

Interested in Permanent Lip Enhancement? Watch our video of the procedure being performed below. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics based here in the United Kingdom. Today I’’m going to be showing you a procedure in which I insert a Permalip implant into a patient’’s upper lip. This […]

Lips that speak for themselves!

Here at Aurora Clinics, we are seeing more and more people who are interested in enhancing their lips with Permalip implants. It would seem that luscious, fuller looking lips are not just for celebrities and models but also for office colleagues, teachers and busy parents. Permalip™ implants are made from a very soft, yet solid, silicone […]

Paying more than lip service to new treatment

Permanent lip enhancement has recently been introduced to the UK. Adrian Richards, of Aurora Clinics, has introduced Permalip™, a revolutionary silicone lip implant which mimics the contours of the lip and provides a natural-looking alternative to temporary lip fillers, which need constant top-ups. Mr Richards explains: “The arrival of Permalip™ in Berkshire is great news […]