Increase in number of inverted nipple operations

In the last year we have noted an incredible 100% rise in the number of people undergoing surgery for inverted nipples. We’re not really sure about the cause of this upswing – increased awareness, improvements in surgery and word of mouth are all possibilities. Could you help us understand why the increase has been so dramatic? If you’ve […]

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Dangers of surgery abroad

At Aurora, we’ve recently seen a number of patients who have been treated abroad and unfortunately had significant complications following their surgery.  The lady in the photos below had a breast implant procedure combined with a breast uplift in Turkey:            Her surgery was complicated by an infection of one of the stitches, […]

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Has Anne Robinson had a face lift?

Reports over the weekend suggest that Anne Robinson has undergone further facial procedures. And from the pictures we’ve seen in the papers, it does look as if something has been done. Face lifting procedures lift the soft tissues of the jowl and neck and you can see these are firmer. Her lower eyelids in particular look […]

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New videos

We’ve recently added a number of new videos to our website, and now have over 100 available to view. The new videos are mainly on facial procedures with Mr Richards explaining the difference between the various types of operation. We also in the process of producing a number of videos on procedures, which will include […]

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