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Buttock Augmentation death highlights the importance of choosing a Registered Surgeon

You have probably heard in the news the unfortunate story of Londoner Claudia Aderotimi, 20, who died following a Buttock Augmentation earlier this month. Claudia experienced chest pains and difficulty breathing, then died (preliminary post-mortem examinations have shown) when her lung filled with silicone, causing a fatal embolism. Whilst this story is incredibly sad, it […]

Question about Breast Augmentation and pregnancy

Question: I am interested in getting dual plane periareolar silicone implants. I was very impressed by your professionalism after watching your videos online and would like to ask you one question. After implants, how long should I wait before getting pregnant and is it better to get implants done before or after breast feeding as I […]

Explaining the latest Cosmetic Surgery trends: new 2010 BAAPS statistics

Some clear trends in Cosmetic Surgery were apparent when The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) released the UK’’s 2010 statistics this week. Despite the recession, there are more cosmetic surgery procedures being carried out in the UK than ever: a 5% increase on the previous year. But whilst some procedures are clearly on […]

Question regarding Breast Augmentation OR Uplift?

Question: This is a bit of a complicated question as I understand it is difficult to answer without the aid of a photograph or 1-2-1 consultation. I’m a 23 year old female who has recently lost a fair bit of weight. My bust was a 32 F/FF prior to weight loss and it’s now somewhere […]

Dermaroller for stretchmarks

What are stretchmarks? Did you know that it is not only overweight people who suffer from stretchmarks? Many who are naturally slim experience stretchmarks due to pregnancy, when the skin expands much more than usual. Others are left with stretch marks in their twenties after hormones cause periods of fluctuating weight throughout puberty. Stretchmarks (or […]

Do I need Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery? The differences explained

The terms ‘Plastic Surgery’ and ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ are often used interchangeably or cause confusion: many people in the UK think that ‘Plastic Surgery’ is just the American term, when in fact it is a completely different field. When looking into procedures to change the way you look, it is important to get the basic terminology […]

Cosmetic Surgery for men

Do you think nip/tuck is only for women? Think again because there are many options available for men and becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Here are some statistics to start with: The top cosmetic surgery procedures for men in 2007 include liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, male breast reduction, and facelift. The top non-surgical procedures for […]

Fight Fat & Fight Cancer! 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Trend

2011 is the year of the war on obesity. So the big buzz in Cosmetic Surgery is Fat Removal procedures: “We’re talking freezing fat, zapping fat, melting fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles)”,” says Denise Mann (ed. Ceatus Cosmetic Surgery Group). This comes […]

5 top tips to consider if you are thinking of surgery abroad

If you are thinking of surgery abroad we would advise you to go through the following 5-point checklist with your surgeon and clinic. 1. Check on the experience of the surgeon. In the UK, surgeons are regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC) and have to have a specialist registration in plastic surgery. This is […]

What are the dangers of going abroad for Cosmetic Surgery?

In recent years, there has been a tendency for many people to go abroad for cosmetic surgery. This is mainly finance driven, as surgery can be significantly cheaper in foreign countries. Adrian Richards explains why this can sometimes be a false economy… In most cases, the surgery goes very well as it’s normally performed by […]

Why does skin not recoil naturally following significant weight loss?

Following significant weight loss, the skin does not naturally recoil to its appearance prior to surgery. This is because the skin has been stretched beyond its natural ability to recoil. The small collagen fibres within the skin form a structure to help support it. If these small fibres are stretched this results in the breaking […]

What is the best solution for excess skin in the lower part of the tummy ?

Removing excess skin after weight loss Excess skin in this area is normally located in the front of the tummy. However, unlike pregnancy when the skin of the tummy is mainly stretched in the front, with normal weight loss the excess skin often extends round the flanks and in some cases to the back. After […]

What options are there for me if I have lost a considerable amount of weight?

People who have lost a large amount of weight will often have excess skin in various regions. The common areas are the tummy, the breast, arm, neck and thighs. This excess skin in these areas following weight loss is common and the only real way of treating these is by removing the tissue with surgery. […]

What can be done for my arms following weight loss?

Following weight loss, one of the most common areas to develop excess skin is the inner arm region. This is manifested by skin which can hang down on the inner arm areas producing arm side cleave bulges. Unfortunately, this skin will not tone up following exercise as it has been stretched beyond its capacity to recoil […]

Is a Thigh Lift appropriate for me?

Thigh Lifts are surgical procedures which elevate the thigh tissue, producing a more youthful rejuvenated look to the thigh region. They can either concentrate on the inner thigh region or the outer thigh region, and are often incorporated into body lift procedures. In an outer thigh lift, skin is removed from the outer hip region which […]

Adrian Richards talks about a recent Body Lift Operation

Thinking about Body Lift surgery? Below is a guest post on the procedure, written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’’m going to be talking you through an operation I recently did on a very nice lady who’ had lost a […]

New videos of operations

We have recently released several new videos of Mr Richards, our Surgical Director, performing a number of operations. These have proved extremely popular – but are not for the faint-hearted! The videos are being watched by over 25,000 people a month and more are planned for the near future. If you’re thinking about surgery, please […]

Increase in number of inverted nipple operations

In the last year we have noted an incredible 100% rise in the number of people undergoing surgery for inverted nipples. We’re not really sure about the cause of this upswing – increased awareness, improvements in surgery and word of mouth are all possibilities. Could you help us understand why the increase has been so dramatic? If you’ve […]