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Breast Capsulectomy Surgery

This is a breast capsulectomy surgery video. We begin the video with the patient already on the operating table with our surgical director, Mr Adrian Richards introducing the procedure. Our patient had a breast augmentation a few years ago and had Nagor GSX implants, which the left side has developed a capsule. You can see […]

OCEAN™ Breast Lift

This surgery video is of an OCEAN™ Breast Lift. We begin the video, with our patient already on the operating table, already marked up. Mr Richards explains his markings, showing us the area of skin to remove, and shes it in to highlight the point for the camera. The patient is having her implants inserted […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement FAQs – Am I suitable for the OCEAN™ technique?

In this video Mr Richards discusses the OCEAN™ technique and whether you are suitable to have it done. Well, anyone looking for a breast enlargement procedure has the potential to be suitable. However there are some other factors you may wish to consider. The OCEAN™ breast enlargement is a combined surgery, where your areolas are […]

PIP Implant Removal and Replacement Surgery – Single Rupture

This is a surgical video of PIP implants being removed and replaced, with one of them being ruptured. Mr Richards introduces the video in his usual fashion, informing us the patient had 510cc PIPs inserted back in 2007. She has had an MRI scan recently which indicates that the right implant is ruptured. Of course, […]

Breast Enlargement and Mastopexy (OCEAN™ Technique)

Here we have a surgery video of the OCEAN™ Technique, which is a type of breast enlargement, pioneered by Adrian Richards here at Aurora Clinics. The video begins with Mr Richards introducing the procedure, and what the patient will be having done during this surgery. Our patient has slightly tuberous breasts, and a low nipple position, […]

Single PIP rupture and Mastopexy Surgery

Here we have a surgery video involving implant removal and replacement, being combined with a mastopexy, which is also known as a breast uplift. The video begins with Mr Richards introducing the patient. She had 350cc PIP implants inserted back in 2006 and they were placed under the muscle. The implants are sitting rather high, […]

Breast Enlargement FAQ – Will you be able to breastfeed after?

In our final episode of our Breast Enlargement FAQ series we discuss the classic question posed to us every single time there is a breast related procedure, and quite often it is asked even when it is for a surgery away from the breasts. Can you breastfeed after surgery? This is very important to most […]

Millionaire Matchmaker admits Plastic Surgery helped her love life

US reality star and owner of the Millionaire Matchmaker dating agency, Patti Stanger, has told Life & Style magazine that undertaking cosmetic surgery helped her to become more confident about dating as an older woman. Following her split from long-term partner, Andy Friedman, Patti turned to plastic surgery to give her a boost and increase […]

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Breast Reduction Patient Follow Up – Looking After Your Scars

Here we have a follow up appointment for a patient after a breast reduction procedure. She had her surgery about six weeks ago, and has returned today for a check up on her recovery progress. The follow up is with Aurora Clinics, Clinical Lead Aggie Oakley, and we show the silicone pads we use regularly […]

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