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BMA Book Awards - Highly Commended Award for Adrian Richards and Hywel Dafydd

Adrian Richards ‘highly commended’ at BMA Book Awards!

We told you last year that Adrian Richards had released the 2nd edition of his best-selling “Key Notes on Plastic Surgery“. If you’re a student plastic surgeon, you may even have read it. And now we’re delighted to share an update… Adrian and co-author Hywel Dafydd (right) are celebrating a fine achievement. The pair have received a […]

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Aurora Clinics: Breast Enlargement injections - do they work?

The perfect boob job from A-Z…

Thinking about Breast Enlargement? Read our guide to getting the best out of your boob job. A-Z of the perfect boob job Ask for help You’ll be out of action for a while after your op. Driving and lifting are a particular no-no for the first week or so, which can be a pain. So […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Brow Lift Surgery

Back to school boob job? The rise of teenage plastic surgery

New pencil case? Check. New school shoes? Check. New nose? Check. We all had them at school. Those classmates who ‘blossomed’ out of nowhere over the long summer break. Teenagers develop quickly, so six weeks of adolescence is plenty enough time to go from average to Adonis. But even so. Those of us who grew up […]

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Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Are your boobs big enough for surgery? 3 key questions about reducing breast size

Big breasts. They’re fetishised and adored, but often a pain for the women with them – quite literally. If you’re bothered by your boobs and thinking about a breast reduction, here’s some key questions about reducing breast size. When are large breasts big enough for surgery? This week, The Mirror featured 20-year-old Ginny Chapman, who was refused […]

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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Liposuction

Before and After Liposuction – 7 things you need to know about fat removal

Thinking about Liposuction? Here’s a few things you need to bear in mind, both before and after Liposuction, to get the best out of your surgery.  Things to remember – both before and after Liposuction 1. Liposuction is not a cheat’s route to a fit, healthy body. Liposuction is great for fat that won’t shift. […]

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Aurora Clinics: Photo before Tummy Tucks Surgery

Shameless star Tina Malone to have tummy tuck surgery filmed for own show

With the stage-managed public lives of image-conscious celebrities, you rarely hear the famous talk about their tummy tucks. But Shameless star Tina Malone has ripped up the rule book. She’s just revealed plans to have her tummy tuck surgery filmed for TV.  Her new show, Tina Malone: My New Body, will see her go through an incredible […]

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Aurora Clinics: How do you rate our hospital facilities - Aurora Patient Survey

Our latest Patient Satisfaction Survey – April-June 2015

At Aurora, our patients’ opinions are very important to us. And transparency is important for any potential patients thinking about placing their trust in us.  Every couple of months, we survey all our patients once they’ve healed and seen the final results of their surgery. We then collate and publish this feedback on our website. […]

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