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Breast Asymmetry Pre-Surgery Markings

In this video, Mr. Richards talks through the markings on this patient who has severe breast asymmetry. He begins by telling us the importance of marking the midline. Secondly we are told that making the markings whilst the patient is stood up is also very important because when they are lying down on the operating […]

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies seeking new participants

Working in the medical field, we don’’t embarrass easily – nor do we feel that any issue a person has with their body should be considered embarrassing. However, we do think sharing information that could help people is a great idea. And so it is that we’’ve recently been talking to producers from Channel 4’’s […]

FREE live Webinar with Surgeon Adrian Richards

Do you have a burning question about cosmetic surgery you’’d like answered? Perhaps there’’s a new treatment or an industry issue you’’d like to know more about? Now’’s your chance. Next Wednesday 2nd April at 1pm, we’’ll be hosting our first-ever live webinar chat with Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. The online event is completely free […]

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Keloid scars – what treatment options do I have?

Scarring Question: Hi there, I saw your video on YouTube concerning keloid scars and thought I’d make an enquiry. I have quite a big keloid scar around the size of a marble, maybe bigger, mainly on the back of my ear at the top where the cartilage is, but also inside the top of my […]

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Breast Enlargement Surgery – Double Bubble Effect

In this video we are going to show you what the term double bubble means in relation to breast enlargement. Mr. Richards talks us through the video, to explain what double bubble is, and how it is caused. To begin with we show some images of our patient, whilst Mr. Richards tells us how the […]

Breast Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery

This video shows a breast implant removal surgery, combined with a breast uplift, otherwise known as a Mastopexy. Our patient had a vertical scar mastopexy a few years ago when she had her PIP implants inserted. Mr. Richards introduces the procedure and makes dashed lines across the scars, whilst explaining what he will do during […]

PIP Implant Replacement, Areola Reduction and Scar Revision

This is a surgery video which involves PIP implant replacement, an areola reduction and scar revision from a previous mastopexy our patient had at another clinic. We start off the video with Mr. Richards introducing the patient, stating she had her PIPs inserted in 2007 and they were 250cc in size. In the same procedure, […]

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