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What is causing the rise in teenage breast reductions?

Do you ever wish sometimes that you could go back to your teenage years where all you worried about was the next party or night out?  As the world of technology has advanced over the years we now tend to do everything on a phone, tablet or laptop, it is safe to say that you […]

Sam Chapman discussing her breast reduction surgery

Pixiwoo Youtuber Sam Chapman tells her Breast Reduction Story

Sam Chapman of Youtube sensation Pixiwoo has opened up to her 2 million subscribers about her recent breast reduction surgery which took her breasts from a 32HH to a 34DD. In her video she talks in detail about the issues that motivated her to undergo the procedure as well as describing what you can expect if you are considering […]

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Can breasts regrow after Breast Reductions?

At our clinics, we’re seeing a growing number of enquiries for Breast Reductions, especially from younger women. But is there a ‘right time’ for a Breast Reduction – and can they grow back again? Well the short answer is yes, breast tissue can grow back after surgery, under certain circumstances. It’s more likely to happen […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Are your boobs big enough for surgery? 3 key questions about reducing breast size

Big breasts. They’re fetishised and adored, but often a pain for the women with them – quite literally. If you’re bothered by your boobs and thinking about a breast reduction, here’s some key questions about reducing breast size. When are large breasts big enough for surgery? This week, The Mirror featured 20-year-old Ginny Chapman, who was refused […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery – My Story (by Lorna)

Following last week’s diary of a tummy tuck, we’re delighted to feature another personal account from one of our patients. This week, Lorna talks about her experience of breast reduction surgery with us – and shares some fantastic advice. “My decision to have breast reduction surgery was an easy one…. I’’ve had large breasts all […]

Aurora Clinics: Breast Reduction surgery can be truly life-changing

Breast Reduction patient Kim Mills features in CH4’s “£2 Billion a Week and Counting”

At Aurora, we’re regularly contacted by patients who have been refused surgery by the NHS – and the overwhelming majority are women seeking Breast Reduction surgery. Many are living with agonising back pain and posture problems, and the most extreme cases have trouble with everyday tasks most of us take for granted, like getting dressed […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction – is it riskier than Breast Enlargement?

A total of 4,680 women underwent breast reduction surgery in the UK last year – up 11% on the previous year. It’s a procedure that’s becoming increasingly popular, and is now the 4th most common cosmetic operation among women in the UK. But how does breast reduction compare with the undisputed queen of cosmetic surgery […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

I’m considering Breast Reduction Surgery – can you answer a few questions?

Breast Reduction Questions: Hello, I am seriously considering Breast Reduction Surgery, and naturally I have some unanswered questions. If you could please answer the following, I would very much appreciate it: 1) If I ever lost or put on weight would this affect my new breast size? 2) If I were to have another child would […]

Heidi Montag undergoes Breast Reduction surgery

Ms Montag, reality star of the US hit series ‘The Hills’ and Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, has purportedly undergone fresh surgery to reduce the size of her already-enhanced ample assets. Montag famously got her original breast implants alongside 9 other procedures all in one day. In addition to having her naturally-sized A breasts increased […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

4 important questions – breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery questions: Hello, I am seriously considering breast reduction surgery. Naturally I have some unanswered questions. If you wouldn’’t mind answering these questions I would very much appreciate it: 1) If I ever lost or put weight on would this affect my new breast size? 2) If I were to have another child […]

Breast Reduction surgery popular with American teens

There has been a reported rise in the number of teenage girls in the US seeking and receiving breast reduction to reduce the size of their breasts. This increase may be attributable to the fact that America’’s young are bigger than they used to be and this includes their bust sizes. General guidelines both here […]

Major Breast Reduction – a patient testimonial (VIDEO)

We’ve uploaded another new video testimonial to the website – this time from one of our Breast Reduction patients.  In the video you’ll hear from Dorothy, who had her breast reduction with Aurora Clinics 8 weeks ago. She came to us because she was suffering from considerable neck and back pain, and generally found her breasts […]

Breast Reduction for over 600 British teenagers in last 5 years

If you read certain magazines, or watch certain TV programmes, you would be forgiven for thinking that all British teenage girls are obsessed with the idea of having bigger breasts. But the reality is quite different. According to official government statistics, a total of 647 British girls aged between 15 to 18 have undergone breast […]

Breast Reduction “can add 5 years to your life”

According to a recent study, having very large breasts can take such a toll on a woman’s health that it can reduce her life by five years. It sounds dramatic, and it should be noted that it isn’t the large breasts themselves that shorten life. Rather than directly reducing lifespan, the fact that large breasts […]

Patient Satisfaction Survey – Aurora Clinics

The Results of our Recent Aurora Clinics Patient Satisfaction Survey Revealed Aurora Clinics take our patients’ satisfaction very seriously. As such, we consistently collect feedback from patients who have completed a whole range of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures with us. Each month we collate those results and see how we can improve. Here are […]

Breast Reduction Surgery: How Small Can I Go?

Many women are currently having their breast implants removed or replaced. Some women simply need breast reduction surgery because they are unhappy with the appearance of their large breasts in clothing or feel the weight of them is uncomfortable. Either way, if you now wish to significantly reduce the size of your bust, a consideration […]

Bilateral Breast Reduction: Aurora Clinics patient testimonial

1 Week Post-Bilateral Breast Reduction Surgery I’m doing great and amazingly I’m not in any pain! We are travelling down tomorrow for my appointment at Aurora Clinics in Northampton (The Three Shires) to sort out my stitches. I can see a bit of bruising on the sides under my armpit but it doesn’t hurt. I spoke […]

Tina’s Diary of her Blepharoplasty and Breast Reduction at Aurora Clinics

I have been considering Blepharoplasty (eyelid) and Breast Reduction operations for some time. My eyes were beginning to look tired and it was difficult to apply eye make-up, my breasts felt heavy and I was suffering from back, shoulder and neck ache trying to keep my breasts supported. I would travel anywhere to choose the right […]

Free nipple grafts – what are they?

Free nipple grafts are a slightly old-fashioned breast reduction technique in which the nipple is completely removed from the breast and replaced as a skin graft. Free nipple grafts were used some years ago because they were believed to be a safer technique in performing very large breast reductions of 1 kilogram and over per […]

Should Breast Reduction with free nipple graft techniques be used?

In our opinion, breast reduction surgery that involves free nipple graft should be used only very infrequently. Our surgeon Adrian Richards has not used this technique for over 10 years and he treats over a hundred people for breast reductions per year. The reason we feel free nipple grafting should not be used in most patients is […]

What physical problems does having large breasts cause?

Having breasts that are not in proportion to your physique causes significant problems – including wearing clothing and the way they look. The main problems with large breasts are: Neck and shoulder ache. Cutting in of a bra strap in their shoulders. Infections in the fold underneath the breast where the skin surfaces rub together. […]

What is a pedicle and how does it relate to Breast Reduction surgery?

A pedicle is the plastic surgical term for a bridge of tissue which connects one area of skin to another. In breast reduction surgery, the pedicle is used to bring blood and nerve supply to the nipple when the tissue around it has been removed. The pedicle (bridge of tissue connecting the nipple) can lie […]

Breast Reduction surgery – what is the maximum weight that can be reduced?

There’s really no upper limit to the weight that can be removed in a breast reduction and operation. In most cases, the average weight removed will be between 400 and 800 grams of tissue. Over 800 grams per breast comprises a larger breast reduction and over 1.5 kilograms per breast classifies as a very large […]

What is the best technique for a relatively small Breast Reduction?

If your breasts are relatively small and your surgeon anticipates they would be removing less than 500 grams of tissue per side, often a vertical scar technique or a short transverse scar technique might be appropriate for you. The advantage of these techniques is that the scar does not extend wholly along the crease under […]

Is Liposuction an option for Breast Reduction?

Many people who are considering a reduction in the size of their breasts are very worried about the scars that can occur following traditional breast reduction techniques. If you are worried about the scarring from traditional breast reduction, liposuction may be an option for you. The advantages of liposuction are: Minimal scarring. Quick recovery. With […]

Ever wondered how a Breast Reduction operation is performed?

Here, Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards shows you how each stage of the operation is performed. In the video he shows you: Which bit of the breast is removed. How the blood and nerve supply to the nipple is preserved. How the remaining breast tissue is shaped. The result at the end of surgery.

Breast Reduction operation

Interested in Breast Reduction? Watch our video of the procedure being performed below. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics based here in the United Kingdom. Today I’’m going to be talking you through an operation I did recently on a lady who required a breast reduction surgery.  […]