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Aurora Clinics, Image showing Earlobe-Repair

Disaster! My earlobe has split – what can I do to fix it?

With your social calendar filling up with special events for the Summer months, you may find celebrations are often dampened by the thought of anyone seeing your naked ears. If this is the case, now is the perfect time to consider earlobe repair surgery. The “no beauty without pain” is what we tell ourselves when […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Short Scar Facelift surgery - alternative to a full facelift

Short Scar Facelift – how is it different from a traditional facelift?

Starting to show signs of ageing, but feel too young for a full facelift? The Short Scar Facelift could be perfect for you. It’s a great choice for restoring firmness to a sagging jaw and jowls for those who don’t want, or need, a traditional facelift – with the advantage of a shorter recovery time. […]

Aurora Clinics: Cosmetic Surgery trends in 2014

Cosmetic surgery patients urged to ‘Think Over Before You Make Over’

The number of people having cosmetic surgery in the UK increases every year. But a new study by BAPRAS has revealed that patient awareness isn’t keeping pace with the growth of the industry. Worrying research findings Earlier this year, UK plastic surgery body BAPRAS conducted a large-scale research study to measure UK attitudes and approaches to […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Male Facelift Surgery

Maradona and the art of the male Facelift

He’s already got the Hand of God, and now he’s (allegedly) bought the face to match. Photos of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona surfaced in several newspapers last week, purporting to show the results of his recent facelift surgery. As he’s wearing a baseball cap in the photos, it’s annoyingly hard to tell if the […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Facelift Surgery

Full Facelift or Mini Facelift – how to tell which is right for you

A Facelift has the power to produce one of the most dramatic transformations of all cosmetic procedures. Performed well, it can give you a naturally fresher, younger-looking face and neck – while people struggle to put their finger on why you look so well! But like any surgical procedure, it’s only as effective as the […]

See us at the Anti-Ageing Show

This year’s Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show is happening at London’s Olympia on 10-11 May , and for the first time we’re excited to be exhibiting there. The show is one of the biggest events in the aesthetic industry, attracting 15,000 visitors with an exciting mix of treatment demos, expert advice, new product showcases and celebrity […]

South Korean woman’’s new jawline sparks controversy

An un-named South Korean woman’’s new facial silhouette has sparked controversy for its extremity. Believed to be a TV reporter, the ‘after’ photograph of the female shows an extremely reduced jawline with a narrow and pointy heart shape. The before photograph shows what might be perceived as a more ‘normal’ oval/heart-shaped face. While clearly quite […]

Has Bruce Jenner had surgery to reduce his Adam’’s apple?

Bruce Jenner, father to the (in)famous Kardashians and recent ex to their mother Kris, is known for his numerous surgeries over the years, and indeed is quite open about the work he has done. This time, however, his alleged most recent procedure is set to raise a few eyebrows. The National Enquirer, admittedly not renowned […]

Lindsay Lohan’’s half-sister has Plastic Surgery to emulate her

Working within the industry, we see and hear a lot of the ‘wackier’ side to cosmetic surgery. Often this comes in the form of the general public choosing to emulate a hero of theirs, usually a celebrity but sometimes even a fictitious character (see: Brazilian Superman, real-life Ken doll). The latest in this line of […]

Unforeseen side-effects of Plastic Surgery in China

Two women in China recently highlighted a potential pitfall to having cosmetic surgery on the face – a problem with changing identity when it comes to border control. The women, in two separate incidents, struggled to pass through Gongbei port in Zhuhai, in the Guangdon Province in China, as their new faces didn’’t entirely correspond […]

Is Ellen DeGeneres planning to fork out $50k to refresh her face for the Oscars?

TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres is supposedly planning on splashing out up to $50,000 in a facial upheaval before the Oscars next year. The TV star and comedian, 55, is well-known for her youthful appearance. However, she is apparently after an overhaul before next March when she is due to present the awards ceremony. […]

New York clinic witnesses surge in Neck Lifts

It’’s a common belief that the huge rise in the use of non-invasive procedures to fight the signs of ageing has reduced the number of people who are choosing to opt for invasive surgical procedures as a means to hold on to youth. It is true that the number of non-invasive procedures being performed worldwide […]

Non-medic charged with administering medical care to Plastic Surgery patient

An American Plastic Surgery clinic’’s office manager has been charged with practising medicine without a proper licence. Christine Patterson, sister of one of the clinic’’s surgeons, assumed the role of aftercare provider that should instead have been taken by a qualified professional. The patient at the receiving end of the illegal treatment had undergone a […]

Can a nose job combined with chin augmentation produce the best result for the patient?

Italian researchers at the University of Verona have conducted research in to rhinoplasty and genioplasty (nose job and chin augmentation respectively) and whether or not it is beneficial to perform both at the same time, rather than just one or conversely both operations but at separate intervals. They attribute this to achieving more “aesthetic proportions” […]

Loose Women star Carol McGiffin ‘may opt for a Facelift’ to please toyboy

The outspoken star of the daytime show, aged 52, is dating a man 22 years her junior and as a result is considering cosmetic surgery on her face to shed some years from her appearance. Talking to a UK tabloid she said: “I would love to have a facelift. My face is heading south and, more […]

Plastic Surgery – a brief history

Although it has not become common for the majority, the rising popularity of plastic surgery has nonetheless seen it come from the preserve of a very few to the norm for a significant minority. Here we plot its history… Origins Plastic surgery can be dated as far back as 800BC in India, where the first rhinoplasty […]

Factors to consider before a Facelift

Having a facelift can provide amazing results that can take years off your appearance through tighter skin and by smoothing out wrinkles. It is a serious operation however, with sometimes variable results, and so it is a decision that should be reached with due care and consideration. Here are some steps to follow if you […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

MACS Facelift in Milton Keynes?

MACS Facelift question: Hi, I’m interested in having the MACS facelift and would like to see Mr Richards. Would it be possible to see him at your Milton Keynes clinic – or would I have to go to another clinic? Thank you for your time. MACS Facelift answer: Thank you very much for your enquiry. […]

Scar revision inside the mouth – is it possible?

Scar Revision question: I have a lump of soft tissue on the underside of my bottom lip which is quite unnoticeable until I speak. This was caused when the minor salivary gland was removed in 2005 by a surgeon who later remarked that she was not concerned with aesthetic problems, only medical, and left enough […]

Cosmetic surgeon puts chin implants’ rising popularity down to “webcam effect”

A US plastic surgeon has recently published an interesting theory on his website. Dr Deutsch, an Atlanta-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon, says that the growing popularity of chin implant surgery is down to more and more people seeing themselves on webcam – and not liking what they see. The explosion of social media platforms like […]

TV star Frances Barber “saving up” for Cosmetic Surgery

Hot on the heels of Susan Sarandon revealing that, despite her earlier denials, she has in fact undergone cosmetic surgery, another celebrity has decided to come clean. Actress Frances Barber, recently seen on TV as Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who, has admitted she plans on treating herself to a surgical freshen up, and is already […]

No Facelift for Susan Sarandon – just a little off the chin

When Hollywood star Susan Sarandon spoke out against cosmetic surgery, saying she thought women should “go and “do something interesting” instead” of getting a facelift, it was fair to assume she was not the kind of woman to go in for cosmetic surgery at all. Especially as she’d publicly denied having any surgery, or even […]

Face Lift Patient Review: Aurora Clinics

Real Life Patient of Aurora Clinics writes a Review of her Face Lift Experience Where Did You Hear About Aurora Clinics? My beautician in Princes Risborough recommended Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough to me. I have known her for many years and have total trust in her. I believed her to be uniquely placed to […]

Introducing Aurora Clinics’ Team of Expert Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Meet Some of our Aurora Clinics’ Expert Surgeons If you have been researching Aurora Clinics UK for your cosmetic surgery procedure, chances are that you found lots of videos and articles by Mr Adrian Richards. Adrian Richards (Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon) Mr. Richards is Aurora’’s Clinical Director and a fantastic surgeon – he was voted […]

BAAPS Statistics 2011: Cosmetic Surgery Trends at Aurora Clinics and Beyond

The annual BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) cosmetic surgery statistics got a little lost this year amidst the PIP Implants media frenzy. Nonetheless, they make for interesting reading so we thought you might like a summary of the findings and how they relate to us here at Aurora Clinics. UK Cosmetic Surgery Last […]

How Does Gravity Affect the Face?

What Goes Up Must Come Down As we all know, one of the things you really can’t avoid in this life is Gravity. Unless you fancy a sneaky trip to Space, it’s a sure fact that What Goes Up is Coming Back Down. Or – in aesthetic terms – what starts off perky, ends up […]

Do I need a Mini Facelift or a Full Face Lift procedure?

We frequently get asked at Aurora Clinics what the difference is between mini facelift surgery and a full face lift. It is quite a confusing topic, so no surprise that people are often unsure. In this blog we hope to clear up a few uncertainties and help you decide whether a mini face lift or […]

Can I have Liposuction on my face?

Question: I would like to have liposuction on my face as I have very big cheeks that look very uneven. I would like the fat collected from my face to be added to my lips for enhancement as I have heard that lip augmentation involves using a patient’’s own body tissue to create the desired […]

Which profession has the most Plastic Surgery? (the answer might surprise you…)

Why do so many teachers opt for plastic surgery? At Aurora Clinics, many of our surgeons have noticed a trend for more teachers than other professions opting for plastic surgical procedures. The possible causes for this that we have discussed include: Pressure to remain youthful Teachers are one of the only professions who frequently work […]

Dealing with dark under-eye circles

What are Dark Circles? Shadows, Bags and Puffiness One of the areas disliked most by visitors to Aurora Clinics is the area under their eyes: dark circles here can appear even more ageing than wrinkles or grey hair. One of the common misconceptions is that under-eye dark circles, bags and puffiness are the same thing. In fact, […]

Tina’s Diary of her Blepharoplasty and Breast Reduction at Aurora Clinics

I have been considering Blepharoplasty (eyelid) and Breast Reduction operations for some time. My eyes were beginning to look tired and it was difficult to apply eye make-up, my breasts felt heavy and I was suffering from back, shoulder and neck ache trying to keep my breasts supported. I would travel anywhere to choose the right […]

Explaining the latest Cosmetic Surgery trends: new 2010 BAAPS statistics

Some clear trends in Cosmetic Surgery were apparent when The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) released the UK’’s 2010 statistics this week. Despite the recession, there are more cosmetic surgery procedures being carried out in the UK than ever: a 5% increase on the previous year. But whilst some procedures are clearly on […]

Dermaroller for stretchmarks

What are stretchmarks? Did you know that it is not only overweight people who suffer from stretchmarks? Many who are naturally slim experience stretchmarks due to pregnancy, when the skin expands much more than usual. Others are left with stretch marks in their twenties after hormones cause periods of fluctuating weight throughout puberty. Stretchmarks (or […]

Do I need Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery? The differences explained

The terms ‘Plastic Surgery’ and ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ are often used interchangeably or cause confusion: many people in the UK think that ‘Plastic Surgery’ is just the American term, when in fact it is a completely different field. When looking into procedures to change the way you look, it is important to get the basic terminology […]

Cosmetic Surgery for men

Do you think nip/tuck is only for women? Think again because there are many options available for men and becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Here are some statistics to start with: The top cosmetic surgery procedures for men in 2007 include liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, male breast reduction, and facelift. The top non-surgical procedures for […]

Fight Fat & Fight Cancer! 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Trend

2011 is the year of the war on obesity. So the big buzz in Cosmetic Surgery is Fat Removal procedures: “We’re talking freezing fat, zapping fat, melting fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles)”,” says Denise Mann (ed. Ceatus Cosmetic Surgery Group). This comes […]

All you need to know about Facial Cosmetic Surgery

As time goes by and years start mounting, your face starts showing the tell-tale signs of ageing in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, drooping skin, and much else. However, with advancements in technology and science, it’’s now possible to remove these ageing signs and have your youthful look back once again, using facial […]

All you need to know about Cosmetic Surgery for the Face

People are increasingly becoming aware of the important role of appearances in the world. And, because everyone wants to look his/her best, even when they start ageing, cosmetic surgery seems like the best solution to their problems. The facial skin is the most exposed as well as most sensitive part of the body. The face […]

Is there any evidence one Facelift technique is better than others?

It is very difficult to assess whether one Facelift technique is better than another because each face is different and each surgeon has a different technique. There have been, however, long-term studies in identical twins who have had different techniques and these have not shown a significant benefit of one technique over another. There have […]

Do all plastic surgeons perform Facelift procedures?

The answer to this is no. Many plastic surgeons specialise in fields such as hand surgery, skin cancer, breast surgery and burns. Some plastic surgeons have never performed a facelift procedure and do not specialise in this field. It is therefore very important when considering specialised surgery such as facelift surgery, that your surgeon does […]

MACS Face Lift diary of Elisha Fox

Thinking about a Face Lift? Read on for the diary of one of our patients, Elisha Fox. “I’m having a facelift because frankly, I do not want to end up looking like my Mum, who is 67. She has had a hard life and without wishing to be rude, it shows in her face. My […]

SMAS Facelift – what is it and who is suitable?

Thinking about SMAS Facelift surgery? Below is a guest post on the procedure, written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’’m going to be talking a little bit about SMAS and try and clarify what it means. SMAS is a […]

Adrian Richards explains how a SMAS Facelift can be modified to suit you

Thinking about SMAS Facelift surgery? Below is a guest post on the procedure, written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’’m going to be talking about the SMAS Facelift. The SMAS is the superficial musculoaponeurotic system in the face. It’s basically a […]

Adrian Richards explains what a Neck Lift is

Thinking about Neck Lift surgery? Below is a guest post on the procedure, written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Many people find it very difficult to tell the difference between short scar, long scar, traditional facelifts, neck lifts, SMAS lifts, S […]

Adrian Richards explains what a MACS Facelift is

Thinking about Facelift surgery? Below is a guest post on a particular type, the MACS Facelift, written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’’m going to be talking about a new type of facelift called a MACS Facelift.  I’’m going to […]

Has Anne Robinson had a face lift?

Reports over the weekend suggest that Anne Robinson has undergone further facial procedures. And from the pictures we’ve seen in the papers, it does look as if something has been done. Face lifting procedures lift the soft tissues of the jowl and neck and you can see these are firmer. Her lower eyelids in particular look […]

In a state of suspense

Leading Plastic Surgeon Launches New Skin-Suspending Facelift… Those wanting to eliminate the signs of ageing without going under the knife for traditional facelift surgery can now instead access the less-invasive Silhouette, a new type of thread lift procedure developed in California and trialled extensively throughout the US. This new improved version of the procedure was […]

Diary of a facelift and tummy tuck

Angela’s Diary Finding Adrian Richards (Aurora Clinics): I had never thought I should want a facelift as I have always looked youthful, but in my late 50s I developed jowls and a lopsided hanging effect to my neck!  I found these particularly ugly as everything else was ageing nicely! My daughter had experienced some unsatisfactory […]