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Read Real Testimonials about Aurora Clinics PIP Implants Support

Look what others are saying about PIP Implant Removal & Replacement at Aurora Clinics! You’ve seen our many PIP implants videos; you’ve read our PIP blogs; maybe you’ve already even been for your PIP Implants initial consultation? But if you are considering implant removal and replacement (especially of such highly controversial and anxiety-causing implants as […]

3 Tips to Get The Best from your 2012 Cosmetic Surgery

Last year, our ‘New Year: New You Resolutions’ blog was a big hit. This year, however, with the media dominated by the PIP implant scandal and talk of a second recession getting people down, it is easy to forget how little changes – not just the big ones like cosmetic surgery – can really get […]

Notes on a Scandal: Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Appears on ITV’’s ‘The Silicone Scandal’ PIP Implants Documentary

Aurora Clinics & PIP Implants Making another television appearance regarding the current PIP implants controversy, renowned surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics appeared on last night’’s ITV feature documentary –- The Silicone Scandal. The show, presented by reporter Chris Choi, highlighted the fear and confusion caused to women worldwide by recent revelations that PIP […]

Breast Reduction Surgery: How Small Can I Go?

Many women are currently having their breast implants removed or replaced. Some women simply need breast reduction surgery because they are unhappy with the appearance of their large breasts in clothing or feel the weight of them is uncomfortable. Either way, if you now wish to significantly reduce the size of your bust, a consideration […]

Mr Adrian Richards warns of the PIP Implant Silent Rupture Rate

Appearing in an interview for ITV International news yesterday (Wednesday 4th January 2012) Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, Mr Adrian Richards, warned that the reported PIP implant rupture rate may only be the tip of a less apparent iceberg. Obvious breast implant ruptures (also called ‘symptomatic rupture’) produce symptoms you couldn’t miss: changes to the […]

PIP Implants: Keep Calm and Carry On (Cautiously)

If you woke yesterday to the breaking news that the PIP implants controversy had taken yet another turn, you would be forgiven for feeling somewhat confused. The debate over PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) Implant safety is not new. The Aurora Clinics Blog reported back in April on the issues surrounding PIP implant safety . In November, surgical Director […]

What to Bring to your Breast Enlargement Sizing Consultation

Here at Aurora Clinics, we frequently get asked by patients what they should wear or bring to their breast enlargement sizing consultation, so we thought we would compile this quick checklist to help! Why do I need a sizing consultation? The Breast Enlargement Sizing consultation is a really important part of your decision to have […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Is Areola Reduction Included with my Breast Uplift Package?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I am having a breast uplift with your surgeon Mr Adrian Richards in August but I have a further enquiry. My areolas are very large and take up a lot of my breast. Will Mr Richards be able to reduce them so as they look smaller and rounder? Can areola reduction […]

French woman’s death sparks renewed PIP fears: Aurora advise about breast implant safety

Guest blog by Amin Elmubarak for Aurora Clinics PIP Implants: The Background According to a popular consumer watch website, on March 30, 2010, France’s health regulators issued a recall of all pre-filled silicone breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), a company based in southern France. The breast implant recall is said to affect […]

Breast Cancer Month Blog: Breast Cancer concerns? What Cosmetic Surgery can do for you.

As October draws to a close, Aurora Clinics cannot forget to mention that this month has been devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness. For a cosmetic surgery centre with many expert surgeons specialising in breast surgery procedures, this is a topic very close to our hearts. In the field of cosmetic surgery, breast cancer has an impact […]

Breast Enlargement sizing: how to measure your cup size

Breast Enlargement Surgery – – How to Measure Your Cup Size At Aurora Clinics, we’’re often asked in our breast enlargement clinic how to measure your cup size. Studies have shown that over 80% of UK women are wearing bras which are the incorrect cup size for them! Interestingly, the most common UK cup size […]

Are Breast Implants safe after having breast cancer?

Guest Blog by By Lisa Moore of Plastic Surgery Guide Are Breast Implants Safe for Patients who have had Breast Cancer? In the aftermath of cancer treatments like mastectomies, many women opt to have reconstructive surgery. The most popular type of reconstructive surgery involves breast implants. Before opting for such a procedure, however, most patients […]

Top Tips: when to remove or replace your Breast Surgery implants?

How can you tell when it’s time to replace your breast surgery implants? Increasingly, patients want to know whether they should have their implants exchanged, what are the pros, what are the cons. Here is a Top Tips guide by Aurora Clinics’ expert surgeons to put your mind at rest… If your breasts feel OK and […]

Cosmetic Surgery: hospital worries explained…

Cosmetic Surgery: Worries about being in hospital Most people have some worries and concerns about having any kind of operation and being in hospital. People going into hospital for surgery for breast enlargement often come up with the following questions: 1. How many people stay overnight in hospital following surgery? Whenever possible, after you have […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Is Areola Reduction surgery permanent?

Question: I have had areola reduction surgery twice. My first treatment took place in 2007 and the second in 2008. I opted for secondary surgery because the size of my areolas did not turn out as agreed and there was a difference in their shape! I became unexpectedly pregnant eight months after my last surgery […]

Can I examine my breasts for lumps after having Breast Implants?

Our specialist surgeons often get asked by patients about Breast Enlargement surgery and how breast implants might affect examination for breast cancer. In fact, if you have had breast enlargement surgery there is no need to be concerned about this. Can I examine my breasts for lumps after Breast Implant Surgery? Yes, it is possible […]

Busted about my Breast Implants! Will people know I’’ve had Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast Enlargement Surgery at Aurora Clinics: Are the Results Obvious? Generally, Aurora Clinics’ aim to produce a very natural-looking bust which nobody could guess is the product of breast enlargement surgery. Our aim is to match your bust to your shoulders and hips to create a natural, feminine figure without making you look top-heavy or […]

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: A Good Advert?

Are Celebrities Good Adverts for Cosmetic Surgery? On balance, we feel that many celebrities are not particularly good adverts for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here are the reasons why… Celebrities who are in the press for having had cosmetic or plastic surgery are frequently those who have had very obvious – and sometimes extreme – […]

Should I choose saline or silicone Breast Implants?

When deciding to have breast enlargement surgery one of the major issues that crops up is whether to opt for saline or silicone breast implants for your breast augmentation. As with many decisions there are pros and cons to be weighed up before you can make an informed choice. What are the pros and cons […]

Kirsty’s Breast Enlargement surgery experience: REAL patient report!

Big Brands Use Bullying Tactics For Breast Enlargement Surgery I had been looking into having Breast Enlargement Surgery for quite a while and had initially gone to see the ‘large high street companies’ which advertise on TV, the underground and social networking sites. I found it strange that I didn’t meet with a surgeon or […]

4 Bilateral Breast Enlargement surgery myths

Bilateral Breast Enlargement Surgery Myths There are many myths regarding breast enlargement surgery. These include the fact that: Breast implants can mysteriously blow up whilst flying at altitude. Silicone implants can deflate whilst scuba diving. Seatbelts should not be worn with breast implants. Breast examinations are impossible after breast enlargement surgery. Aurora Clinics decided that […]

My Experience of Breast Enlargement at Aurora Clinics

Reading through the March newsletter, I noticed you were looking for people to report back on their experiences of surgery with Aurora. Here’s my story… I met Mr Richards just before Christmas to discuss the possibility of breast enlargement surgery – something I’d been considering for years, but had been too scared to pursue. Mr […]

Bilateral Breast Reduction: Aurora Clinics patient testimonial

1 Week Post-Bilateral Breast Reduction Surgery I’m doing great and amazingly I’m not in any pain! We are travelling down tomorrow for my appointment at Aurora Clinics in Northampton (The Three Shires) to sort out my stitches. I can see a bit of bruising on the sides under my armpit but it doesn’t hurt. I spoke […]

Are your Breast Implants a timebomb? The explosive truth about PIP implants

Already had a Breast Enlargement? Or perhaps you’’ve been researching getting one? Either way, you’’ve probably heard the recent scandal about PIP “exploding” implants. But how seriously did you take it? PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) Implants are simply the name of a brand. They are French and, for the past 20 years, have been very […]

Tina’s Diary of her Blepharoplasty and Breast Reduction at Aurora Clinics

I have been considering Blepharoplasty (eyelid) and Breast Reduction operations for some time. My eyes were beginning to look tired and it was difficult to apply eye make-up, my breasts felt heavy and I was suffering from back, shoulder and neck ache trying to keep my breasts supported. I would travel anywhere to choose the right […]

Zoe’s Diary of her Bilateral Breast Augmentation (Enlargement)

I checked into Auroa Clinics in Northampton (The Three Shires) at 7.30 am feeling excited and apprehensive with my bloke (who is hospital phobic) at my side looking as anxious as me!! We got shown to my room and almost straight away a nurse came in to admit me, ask a few questions and tick a few […]

Explaining the latest Cosmetic Surgery trends: new 2010 BAAPS statistics

Some clear trends in Cosmetic Surgery were apparent when The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) released the UK’’s 2010 statistics this week. Despite the recession, there are more cosmetic surgery procedures being carried out in the UK than ever: a 5% increase on the previous year. But whilst some procedures are clearly on […]

Do I need Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery? The differences explained

The terms ‘Plastic Surgery’ and ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ are often used interchangeably or cause confusion: many people in the UK think that ‘Plastic Surgery’ is just the American term, when in fact it is a completely different field. When looking into procedures to change the way you look, it is important to get the basic terminology […]

Fight Fat & Fight Cancer! 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Trend

2011 is the year of the war on obesity. So the big buzz in Cosmetic Surgery is Fat Removal procedures: “We’re talking freezing fat, zapping fat, melting fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles)”,” says Denise Mann (ed. Ceatus Cosmetic Surgery Group). This comes […]

Breast capsules – what is the best treatment for me?

Mr. Richards (Aurora Clinics) performs a Capsulectomy If you’re unlucky enough to develop breast capsules after breast enlargement there are a number of treatments available for you. The first and most simple is gentle massage of the breasts. In early capsulisation there is some evidence that gently massaging the tissue on the breasts to the 12 […]

What are breast capsules and how are they best treated?

All foreign materials in our body become surrounded by a thin layer of tissue. This is the body’s way of fending off material that it does not recognize.This occurs around hip replacements, heart valves and any implant or device.  With breast implants, in the majority of patients, this lining (which is called a capsule) remains soft and […]

Which organisations should your Plastic Surgeon be a member of?

There are a number of organisations which Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors can be affiliated to. As a basis, all doctors & plastic surgeons should be registered by the General Medical Council (GMC). This organisation is mandatory to belong to for all registered doctors and you can check their registration at For plastic surgeons, […]

When will I be able to get back to normal activities following Breast Enlargement surgery?

With modern anaesthetics and surgical techniques, recovery is now much quicker following breast enlargement surgery. Generally, we do advise people in manual work to take a week off work and then they find they can return to normal activities. During the week after surgery most people do have some discomfort in their chest which they […]

How uncomfortable will I be after breast surgery?

Generally, breast surgery is not as painful as many people think. Of the 3 main procedures, breast uplift, breast reduction and breast enlargement, breast enlargement tends to be the most uncomfortable. This is because the tissues are stretched and most people have a feeling of tightness in the chest following surgery. In the 8 hours following surgery […]

Can I develop bad scarring following Breast Enlargement surgery?

As a guide if you have developed unsightly scars in other areas of the body you are more likely to developed unsightly scars following breast enlargement surgery. If you do developed more or lumpy scars I would think very carefully about having breast augmentation surgery as what is discussed are lumpy and unsightly they are […]

What type of breast implants are most used in the United Kingdom?

The main types of breast implants used in the United Kingdom are those made by the following companies: 1. Allergan 2. Mentor 3. Nagor 4. Eurosilimed 5. Sebbin. All these breast implant manufacturers have different pros and cons but all have a long safety track record and are among the best implants available today in […]

Free nipple grafts – what are they?

Free nipple grafts are a slightly old-fashioned breast reduction technique in which the nipple is completely removed from the breast and replaced as a skin graft. Free nipple grafts were used some years ago because they were believed to be a safer technique in performing very large breast reductions of 1 kilogram and over per […]

Should Breast Reduction with free nipple graft techniques be used?

In our opinion, breast reduction surgery that involves free nipple graft should be used only very infrequently. Our surgeon Adrian Richards has not used this technique for over 10 years and he treats over a hundred people for breast reductions per year. The reason we feel free nipple grafting should not be used in most patients is […]

What physical problems does having large breasts cause?

Having breasts that are not in proportion to your physique causes significant problems – including wearing clothing and the way they look. The main problems with large breasts are: Neck and shoulder ache. Cutting in of a bra strap in their shoulders. Infections in the fold underneath the breast where the skin surfaces rub together. […]

What is a pedicle and how does it relate to Breast Reduction surgery?

A pedicle is the plastic surgical term for a bridge of tissue which connects one area of skin to another. In breast reduction surgery, the pedicle is used to bring blood and nerve supply to the nipple when the tissue around it has been removed. The pedicle (bridge of tissue connecting the nipple) can lie […]

Breast Reduction surgery – what is the maximum weight that can be reduced?

There’s really no upper limit to the weight that can be removed in a breast reduction and operation. In most cases, the average weight removed will be between 400 and 800 grams of tissue. Over 800 grams per breast comprises a larger breast reduction and over 1.5 kilograms per breast classifies as a very large […]

What is the best technique for a relatively small Breast Reduction?

If your breasts are relatively small and your surgeon anticipates they would be removing less than 500 grams of tissue per side, often a vertical scar technique or a short transverse scar technique might be appropriate for you. The advantage of these techniques is that the scar does not extend wholly along the crease under […]

I am considering breast surgery. What advice would you give me to help me select my surgeon?

When considering any type of plastic surgery, it is very important to do research adequately. In particular, to seek a consultation with a surgeon who specialises in the field you are considering. For example, most plastic surgeons will have specialised in facial rejuvenation surgery such as facelifts or body surgery. It is certainly worthwhile asking your […]

Carly talks about her recent Breast Enlargement Surgery

Here Carly talks about her recent Breast Enlargement Surgery that she had carried out six weeks ago by Mr Adrian Richards, Leading Plastic Surgeon for Aurora Clinics. To find out more about Mr Richards and the procedures he carries out please visit our website.

Polyurethane-coated implants: are they a significant advance?

Recently, there has been lots of information in the press about the use of polyurethane implants for breast enlargement, and there has been a resurgence in their use. The main advantages of polyurethane implants over conventional textured implants are that they: Reduce the rate of capsular contracture. Reduce the risk of implant descent. The polyurethane-coated […]

Is Liposuction an option for Breast Reduction?

Many people who are considering a reduction in the size of their breasts are very worried about the scars that can occur following traditional breast reduction techniques. If you are worried about the scarring from traditional breast reduction, liposuction may be an option for you. The advantages of liposuction are: Minimal scarring. Quick recovery. With […]

What are the best options for excess skin following weight loss in my bust area?

For both men and women, after losing a significant amount of weight, there’s likely to be excess skin in the chest area. This can be manifested by a low nipple position with loss of volume from the chest and excess of skin. The excess skin in this area is normally treated with a breast uplift […]

Ever wondered how a Breast Reduction operation is performed?

Here, Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards shows you how each stage of the operation is performed. In the video he shows you: Which bit of the breast is removed. How the blood and nerve supply to the nipple is preserved. How the remaining breast tissue is shaped. The result at the end of surgery.

Using tummy tissue to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer surgery

One of the best ways of reconstructing the breast following the removal of breast tissue with breast cancer is by removing tissue from your tummy. The tissue removed lies underneath the tummy button down to the fold above your pubic skin area. Most women do have some excess tissue in this region, specifically if they […]

Are there any alternatives to a pedicle for Breast Reconstruction?

In recent times more advanced techniques have been employed in which  tissue is transferred after complete removal from the body. The blood vessels which supply blood to this skin are then reattached to  either vessels in your underarm area or from your chest. These techniques are known either as a free TRAM flap reconstruction or DIEP flap […]

What treatments are available to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer?

There are now many more options for reconstructing a breast which has been treated following breast cancer. The simplest form of treatment if you have sufficient breast tissue is to remove the breast cancer and at the same time reduce the size of the breast on both sides. This has the dual benefit of reducing […]

What reconstruction techniques are there after breast cancer using my own tissue?

There are two main sources of tissue which are used by surgeons to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer surgery. These are transferred tissues from the back or from your tummy. Removing tissue from the back uses a muscle called the latissimus dorsi muscle, whereas from the tummy it uses the lower tummy tissue below […]

Reconstruction of the breast following cancer with breast implants – pros and cons

One of the simplest ways to reconstruct the breasts following mastectomy or removal of breast tissue following breast cancer is with a breast implant. The advantage of this procedure are that it is relatively straightforward and does not involve removing tissue from another area of the body. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it […]

What options are available for breast reconstruction after breast cancer?

Following breast cancer operations and mastectomy there are now a number of options to reconstruct the breast tissue. In a previous blog post, we’ve talked about oncoplastic techniques which are suitable if you have sufficient breast tissue to allow for breast reduction and removal of the breast cancer in one operation. If, however, you haven’t sufficient […]

Rupture of breast implants and a case we operated on today

The video and photos below show an interesting case of a lady we operated on earlier today.   This patient had Breast Enlargement surgery six years ago with what looks like thin-walled cohesive gel implants. You can see the implant on the right was ruptured while the implant on the left was intact. We managed to […]

The double-bubble effect – how we treated a patient

Today in clinic we saw a very interesting patient who had a Breast Augmentation five years ago. From examination, her implants were lying in a very high position under the muscle. We could tell the implants were under the muscle by asking her to place her hands on her hips and press inwards. This causes the […]

Rippling following Breast Enlargement – what is the cause?

Rippling is unfortunately a possibility with breast implants – but what causes it, and how can it be corrected? People develop rippling in the upper part of the breast because there is insufficient soft tissue padding over the implant. This allows the outline of the implant to show through the skin. Rippling can be avoided […]

Is it possible to remove breast implants and still achieve a reasonable size bust?

Yesterday we performed an operation on a lady who had previously had breast augmentation performed by another surgeon. She felt that her breasts were too large, so we performed a removal of the implants and redistributed the remaining breast tissue. This gave her a smaller, neater bust with a slight uplift. We have found that in […]

Saline implants – is there a reason for having them?

Type of implants is just one of the decisions you have to make when having breast enlargement. But is there a reason to choose saline implants over silicone? Saline implants are essentially composed of a thin silicone shell and filled up with salty water (saline). The advantage of these implants is that they are not silicone, […]

Saline or silicone breast implants?

There are two main types of breast implants – saline (salt water-filled implants) and silicone implants. Since the silicone controversy 20 years ago, silicone implants were removed from the market in the United States. However, there was never enough evidence for them to be removed from the market in the UK and most of Europe. There have […]

How can I tell whether my breast implants are under the muscle?

This is a question we are often asked and many people are not sure whether their breast implants have been placed under the muscle or over the muscle. There is a simple test for this. If you place your hands on your hips and press inwards this contracts the muscle of your chest. If the […]

Which is the best incision for breast implants?

Which is the best incision for breast implants? Aurora’s Specialist Breast Surgeon Adrian Richards shares his thoughts. Essentially there are 4 ways of introducing a breast implant and these are as follows: 1. Through a 3-4 centimetre incision in the fold underneath the breast. 2. Through the armpit. 3. Through an incision at the base […]

Can you have a breast enlargement after Macrolane?

Can you have a breast enlargement after Macrolane? Adrian Richards shares his thoughts… The answer to this is yes. I’m seeing an increasing amount of patients who have had Macrolane treatment in the last couple of years. Most patients who have had Macrolane decide to have a formal breast enlargement with silicone implants. This is […]

Breast implants – do they need replacing?

This is one of the common questions we’re asked in clinic and our answer is generally unless there is a problem with the breast implant they do not need replacing. With the latest fourth generation of breast implants, the manufacturers recommend that they are guaranteed for at least 15 years against rupture. However, the technology […]

Polyurethane Implants – what’s all the fuss about?

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the use of polyurethane implants. These are silicone implants coated with a polyurethane foam. This implants are now used much more than previously, and the principal reason for this is they have a very low capsular contraction rate. Capsular contraction is caused by the body forming […]

Breast Enlargement Surgery – under the muscle or over

Here, Aurora Clinics Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards shares his thoughts on the placement of breast implants. I find the decision as to whether to place implants above or below the muscle a difficult one and each surgeon that I talked to has a different percentage of patients in which they place the implant under or […]

A testimonial from Janice

Hi there, Reading through the March newsletter, I noticed you were looking for people to report back on their experiences of surgery with Aurora, so I thought I would share mine. I met Mr Richards just before Christmas to discuss the possibility of breast surgery – something I’d been considering for years, but had been […]

Botched boob jobs up by 30% a year in the UK

The number of British women suffering botched breast implant surgeries has increased by a shocking 30 per cent in a year, figures have revealed. Figures from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency showed that surgeons received 173 complaints last year – up from 135 in 2007, reports the News of the World. Health watchdogs […]

Breast Reduction operation

Interested in Breast Reduction? Watch our video of the procedure being performed below. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics based here in the United Kingdom. Today I’’m going to be talking you through an operation I did recently on a lady who required a breast reduction surgery.  […]

When should you replace your implants?

Worried about implant removal and replacement and when’s the right time? Read on. Hello, my name’s Adrian Richards. I’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’m going to be talking about replacement of breast implants. This is an increasing problem and I’m seeing more and more patients who come to me to […]

Breast Implants – behind the muscle

Thinking about Breast Enlargement surgery? Below, Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards talks about a recent operation where he positioned the implants behind the muscle. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’ll be taking you through each stage of a procedure which I recently performed on a lady, inserting a teardrop […]

Breast Implants – in front of the muscle

Thinking about Breast Enlargement surgery? Below, Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards talks about a recent operation where he positioned the implants in front of the muscle. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. Today I’’m going to be talking to you about the different stages in a sub-glandular breast implant. This […]

What to bring to your sizing appointment

Hi, I’’m Aggie Oakley. I tend to do a lot of the breast sizings for Mr Richards and the other consultants working in the practice, and I’d like to talk to you about breast sizing appointments. When I actually do a breast sizing, I ask patients to bring lots of different tops along with them, tops […]

Aneka discusses her Breast Enlargement Procedure with Mr Adrian Richards

Thinking about Breast Enlargement surgery? Below is an interview between a patient, Aneka, and Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards, where she talks about her experience of surgery. Hi Aneka, you had breast augmentation surgery six weeks ago. Can you tell us how you felt coming in, having the consultation, how the whole process went, making an appointment etc?  I […]

What is the best treatment for Tuberous Breasts?

Concerned about tuberous breasts and thinking about treatment? Below is a guest post written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. We specialise in plastic surgery, particularly cosmetic surgery, and I tend to specialise in breast surgery. In a previous […]

An Aurora patient explains her experience of having a Breast Augmentation

We always like to hear how our patients have found their experience with us. Below is a patient’s account of her Breast Augmentation at Aurora Clinics, in her own words. “I decided to have my operation done after years of going through ‘‘shall I, shan’’t I’’. A friend of mine had it done and a […]

How to restore a more youthful look to the bust

Loss of volume from the breasts is a common legacy of motherhood and breastfeeding, as the distension of the breasts with milk causes the skin to stretch. With the subsequent shrinking, the unsupported breasts settle into the stretched skin and gravity pulls them down. Putting on weight and then losing it can have the same […]

Breast Augmentation Surgery up year on year

Breast Enhancement is proving year on year to be one of the most requested treatments in aesthetics. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealed in its annual audit that breast augmentation was the most popular procedure among women treated by it’s members in 2008 – a 30% increase on the previous year. Adrian […]