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Plastic Surgery endorsed as “absolutely fantastic” by Tyra Banks

She’s an outspoken ex-supermodel who has branched out into finding the next big thing in the modelling world via her “Next Top Model” TV franchise. And now Tyra Banks has revealed her thoughts on plastic surgery. Speaking in Singapore to promote the launch of her latest series, ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’, she described it as […]

Can you repair a split tongue?

We’ve just had an interesting query through enquiring about the possibility of surgery to repair a split tongue. While it isn’t a procedure we currently offer at Aurora Clinics, we thought it would be useful to answer it here for anyone interested in the same surgery: Cosmetic Surgery question: Hi, I’m from Japan, I have […]

Major Breast Reduction – a patient testimonial (VIDEO)

We’ve uploaded another new video testimonial to the website – this time from one of our Breast Reduction patients.  In the video you’ll hear from Dorothy, who had her breast reduction with Aurora Clinics 8 weeks ago. She came to us because she was suffering from considerable neck and back pain, and generally found her breasts […]

Breast Enlargement celebrates 50-year anniversary

We’ve already had one cosmetic milestone this year, with the 10-year anniversary of Botox’s approval as a wrinkle treatment. But now another one has come along. The first-ever silicone breast implant procedure was performed 50 years ago this year. Pioneers Dr Frank Gernow and Dr Thomas Cronin in Houston, Texas, developed the very first silicone […]

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement – in a patient’s own words

We’ve just received a lovely written testimonial from a lady who had breast implant removal and replacement with us, and thought it’d be nice to share it here. Here’s what she had to say… “ With nothing to hide” “After months of research I decided to visit Aurora Clinics in Northampton. I booked with Mr […]

PIP implants – NHS has received over 7000 referrals to date

New figures show that 7,504 women who received PIP breast implants from private clinics have now been referred to the NHS. Of these, 4,742 went on to have scans and 583 subsequently decided to have their PIP implants removed. Removal has so far been performed on 308 of these women. The NHS has also seen […]

Our very own Adrian Richards on Radio 4’s Today programme

He’s always been a superstar to us, and now Mr Richards is becoming a bit of a national celebrity too. This morning at 8.45am, he was a featured guest on Radio 4’s Today programme in a segment about Botox. It was 10 years ago this year that the US Food and Drug Administration first approved […]

Earlobe Repair at Aurora Clinics growing in popularity

We have just sent out our latest press release, and in it we focus on earlobe correction surgery – otherwise known as ‘tribal ear’ correction. The procedure is designed to close up holes left behind in the earlobes after removal of ear stretchers or ‘plugs’. While it is possible for these holes to close up […]

Replacement of ruptured left PIP implant undetected by MRI scan (VIDEO)

We’ve just added a brand new surgical video to the PIP Implants Latest News page on the website. Click here to see it: Removal of Ruptured Left PIP Implant that was Undetected by an MRI Scan. In the video, Mr Adrian Richards removes PIP implants from a patient who received them at another clinic in […]

Aurora Clinics treats 16,000th patient – thank you!

Much celebration at Aurora Clinics Head Office this week, as we’ve just reached another fantastic milestone. Our team have just treated our 16,000th patient since the clinic began. We’re absolutely thrilled to have reached our next thousand, and the fact that this latest thousand were treated in just 3 months, between April and July this […]

Breast Enlargement a family affair for mum and daughters from Nottinghamshire

A mother and four of her daughters from Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, have between them had £50,000 worth of breast enlargement surgery. The Marshall family, which includes mum Chantal and daughters Emma, Ripley, Terri and Tara, have come under fire for speaking on television about their surgery, and about how they like ‘the fake look’. […]

Enterprising woman takes novel approach to financing Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures – but it doesn’t come cheap. And one American woman struggling to find the cash for her surgery has embarked on an unusual fundraising quest. Chrissy Lance, 37, from Ohio, has decided to appeal to the kindness of strangers for the money. And she […]

Cosmetic Surgery latest: the toe job to combat “toe-besity”

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, another cosmetic surgery procedure comes along and surprises you. With summer finally here (and the rain about to go away, we hope), it’s time to think about dusting off those flip flops and sandals. But if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your feet, you might be […]

An inside look at the Nagor breast implants factory (VIDEO)

We have just uploaded our latest video to the website. The video gives you an inside look at the Nagor breast implants factory in Cumbernauld, Scotland. We went up to visit the factory with Sarah, Elaine and Victoria, three Aurora Clinics patients who came to us seeking removal and replacement of their PIP breast implants. In […]

Kerry Katona still unhappy with her body after tummy tuck

She announced earlier this year that she’d had a tummy tuck, posing in swimwear in magazines to show off her new look, but now Kerry Katona has revealed she still “hates” her body. She elected to have the surgery in May this year after getting fed up with the saggy skin on her stomach. After […]

Breast Reduction for over 600 British teenagers in last 5 years

If you read certain magazines, or watch certain TV programmes, you would be forgiven for thinking that all British teenage girls are obsessed with the idea of having bigger breasts. But the reality is quite different. According to official government statistics, a total of 647 British girls aged between 15 to 18 have undergone breast […]

Breast Enlargement on the rise in the USA

It was already the most popular cosmetic surgery in America, but Breast Enlargement’s popularity has grown even more in recent years. According to data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 307,180 breast enlargement procedures were performed in 2011, which represents a significant increase of 4% compared to 2010. New York Plastic Surgeon Dr […]

Cosmetic Surgery on the horizon for Kim Kardashian?

She famously denied having buttock implants – even undergoing a body scan on television to prove she was all-natural – but reality TV star Kim Kardashian isn’t completely averse to the idea of cosmetic surgery. Speaking about the prospect of motherhood and how it can change a woman’s body, she revealed that she was “not […]

Second Breast Enlargement thrills Amy Childs

The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs has just undergone her second Breast Enlargement – and is absolutely thrilled with the results. She had originally had her breasts enlarged at the age of 18. But in recent years, she had become dissatisfied with them because she considered them to be “saggy”. This time, she […]

Family blames PIP breast implants for death of healthy mum

A healthy mum from East Lothian who received PIP breast implants in 2006 has died from a rare form of cancer. Forty-year old Susan Grieve lost her battle against lymphoma last month, and her family have spoken of their belief that the PIP implants were to blame. Susan had rupturing in one of her implants, […]

The Aurora Clinics team? Let them eat cake…

What a great day yesterday at Aurora. First thing in the morning, a few of us got to sample the new premium skincare range we’re getting for Aurora Skin Clinics. It turned out to be quite the pamper session, rubbing in moisturisers, serums, body lotions, scrubs, etc. I should say, we were finding out about […]

The future of anti-ageing Cosmetic Surgery – odour adjustment?

A recent study in America has found that, no matter how much your looks defy the ageing process, there’s one thing about you that will always give your age away – your smell. In a study featured in online journal “Public Library of Science ONE”, a group of 41 intrepid volunteers were asked by scientists […]

Breast Enlargement ladies – we want you!

If you’re one of the ladies who have had breast enlargement with us – or you’re currently thinking about having breast enlargement with us – would you give us 30 seconds of your time? We’re always looking to improve the Aurora Clinics website and make sure we’re providing the most useful information, so we thought […]

Breast Enlargement – a new place to chat

Breast enlargement is one of our most popular procedures here at Aurora. With that in mind, we’ve decided to create a space where women interested in breast enlargement at Aurora Clinics can chat to each other. So may we present…….our brand new Facebook group! The “Breast enlargement at Aurora Clinics” group is open to women […]

PIP implants’ safety – the NHS verdict is in

Following on from their interim report in January this year, the NHS expert group’s final report into PIP implants has now been published. The main findings from the report are as follows: PIP implants have a higher rupture rate than other brands – around 2-6 times higher. Silicone gel from ruptured PIP implants poses no […]

Free Cosmetic Surgery a “perk” for teachers in Buffalo, USA

It seems Buffalo, USA is a great place to be a teacher if you’d like a little work done. Teachers there are being treated to the plastic surgery procedures of their choice, paid for entirely by taxpayers. An insurance plan originally set up to cover reconstruction for burns or accidents has been extended to cover […]

Male Breast Reduction surgery on the rise

It has just been reported that boys as young as 10 are now seeking surgery to remove their excess breast tissue. In the last 3 years, the NHS has performed 17 such operations on school age boys, with many more having had the surgery privately. And it’s not only young boys having the surgery – […]

Cosmetic Surgery a “Mission Impossible” for Tom Cruise

He’s as big a Hollywood superstar as they come, but Tom Cruise has gone on record to defy the usual Hollywood stereotype and insist that he never has and “never would” have cosmetic surgery. The evergreen actor, set to celebrate his 50th birthday this summer, said in a recent interview to promote his latest film “Rock […]

TV star Frances Barber “saving up” for Cosmetic Surgery

Hot on the heels of Susan Sarandon revealing that, despite her earlier denials, she has in fact undergone cosmetic surgery, another celebrity has decided to come clean. Actress Frances Barber, recently seen on TV as Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who, has admitted she plans on treating herself to a surgical freshen up, and is already […]

No Facelift for Susan Sarandon – just a little off the chin

When Hollywood star Susan Sarandon spoke out against cosmetic surgery, saying she thought women should “go and “do something interesting” instead” of getting a facelift, it was fair to assume she was not the kind of woman to go in for cosmetic surgery at all. Especially as she’d publicly denied having any surgery, or even […]

A Big Thank You from the Aurora family

We hope you’ll forgive us for blowing our own trumpet, but we’ve recently been left some lovely feedback on our Facebook page, and thought it’d be nice to share it here to show our appreciation. Here’s a selection of some of the latest comments posted on our Facebook wall: “Mr Adrian Richards, wow, what a […]

Can I have stand-alone Earlobe Reduction surgery?

Earlobe Reduction Question: I have ears over 3ins long due to enlarged earlobes. Do you offer stand-alone earlobe reduction surgery and if so, may I ask how much this will cost? Earlobe Reduction Answer: Thank you for your question. It is possible to have your earlobes reduced. This is a technique which we specialise in […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Is Liposuction a Cure for Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Question: I think that I may be suffering from gynecomastia (man boobs) which has become more noticeable on my chest due to weight training. I am curious as to the initial steps I should take to remove this. Also, could you advise as to which type of surgery would be best for my particular […]

Patient Satisfaction Survey – Aurora Clinics

The Results of our Recent Aurora Clinics Patient Satisfaction Survey Revealed Aurora Clinics take our patients’ satisfaction very seriously. As such, we consistently collect feedback from patients who have completed a whole range of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures with us. Each month we collate those results and see how we can improve. Here are […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

How Can I Reduce the Size of my Puffy & Large Areolas?

  Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I suffer from large areolas which are also unusually puffy. Two and a half months ago I had a Benelli mastopexy along with breast enlargement surgery for tuberous breasts on the NHS. I thought that this would also help make my areolas less puffy. My tuberous breast procedure went very […]

The Great Nipples Debate: A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Have you heard the debate about Nipple Pictures on Social Media? Massive social media platform Facebook have forbidden photos of breastfeeding. The reason for this is that they often show exposed nipples. Many people, especially Mums, are quite upset by this. They argue both that the move suggests breastfeeding is ‘wrong’ and that it implies […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

What are your thoughts on Silimed Breast Implants?

Question: Could you tell me if you are still recommending Silimed implants as I have recently heard rumours that the polyurethane coating can cause cancer? What are your thoughts on this as I currently have PIPs and do not want to replace them for ones which may become another potential risk! Answer: Many thanks for your interesting email. […]

Breast Implants: What is the Difference between the CE Mark & FDA Approval?

A frequently asked question at Aurora Clinics recently has been: “ Are Nagor breast implants as good as Allergan because Allergan have FDA Approval whilst Nagor have a CE Mark instead?”  With increasing numbers of ladies currently opting for implant replacement (following the recent PIP implants scare) this question is on the minds of many. […]

Breast Implant Surgery is for Life, not just Valentines Day!

Be Careful what you Commit to this Valentines Day Breast enlargement surgery with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment worldwide all year round. Around Valentines Day though, bookings for this treatment typically peak even more as thoughts turn to looking good in lacey lingerie and a special surprise for our partners. This year, […]

BAAPS Statistics 2011: Cosmetic Surgery Trends at Aurora Clinics and Beyond

The annual BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) cosmetic surgery statistics got a little lost this year amidst the PIP Implants media frenzy. Nonetheless, they make for interesting reading so we thought you might like a summary of the findings and how they relate to us here at Aurora Clinics. UK Cosmetic Surgery Last […]

Read Real Testimonials about Aurora Clinics PIP Implants Support

Look what others are saying about PIP Implant Removal & Replacement at Aurora Clinics! You’ve seen our many PIP implants videos; you’ve read our PIP blogs; maybe you’ve already even been for your PIP Implants initial consultation? But if you are considering implant removal and replacement (especially of such highly controversial and anxiety-causing implants as […]

3 Tips to Get The Best from your 2012 Cosmetic Surgery

Last year, our ‘New Year: New You Resolutions’ blog was a big hit. This year, however, with the media dominated by the PIP implant scandal and talk of a second recession getting people down, it is easy to forget how little changes – not just the big ones like cosmetic surgery – can really get […]

Notes on a Scandal: Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Appears on ITV’’s ‘The Silicone Scandal’ PIP Implants Documentary

Aurora Clinics & PIP Implants Making another television appearance regarding the current PIP implants controversy, renowned surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics appeared on last night’’s ITV feature documentary –- The Silicone Scandal. The show, presented by reporter Chris Choi, highlighted the fear and confusion caused to women worldwide by recent revelations that PIP […]

Mr Adrian Richards warns of the PIP Implant Silent Rupture Rate

Appearing in an interview for ITV International news yesterday (Wednesday 4th January 2012) Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, Mr Adrian Richards, warned that the reported PIP implant rupture rate may only be the tip of a less apparent iceberg. Obvious breast implant ruptures (also called ‘symptomatic rupture’) produce symptoms you couldn’t miss: changes to the […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

How can I reduce the size of my Male Breasts & Nipples?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I am a 22 year-old male with nipples that protrude in a dome shape. As you can appreciate, I am very embarrassed about this and am very keen to have this problem rectified. I am not overweight and therefore have ruled out the fact that this could be a by-product of […]

Vote for Aurora Clinics in the Aesthetic Awards 2011!

Aurora Clinics are delighted to announce that, out of 4,500 UK clinics, we have been shortlisted for one of the prestigious Aesthetic Awards 2011 (in association with Cosmetic News). Our nomination category? Best Clinic Website! The old Aurora Clinics website design won this award in the past, so there is everything at stake in defending […]

Aurora Clinics October 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter in Brief New Aurora Juvederm Voluma Treatment Read more… Free Information CDs – 4 New Procedures Read more… Real-life Patient Story: Inverted Nipple Correction Read more… Skin Tags Special Offer Read more… Brand New Treatment: Longer-lasting filler restores natural volume to the face! Aurora Clinics are delighted to announce our latest treatment: Juvederm Voluma. […]

6 Fascinating Facts about Skin Tags

Suffering from Skin Tags? Read on… Chances are, you may not even realise what skin tags are: Skin tags are small growths (on average about the size of a grain of rice). Although the word “growth” is a bit scary, skin tags are completely benign and do not effect your health. They are usually brown or […]

6 Tips for Bank Holiday Beauty from Aurora Clinics

Sunshine or Rain, Look Beautiful this Bank Holiday with Aurora Clinics! We can’t control the Great British Weather this August Bank Hol (unfortunately!) But we can help you look your beautiful best, no matter what the skies throw at us. Whether you’ve got a mini break planned, a picnic in the park, 3 days of […]

UK celebs’ Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League hits the media: Aurora Clinics examine the facts

The media last week was full of news about celebs taking a stance against Cosmetic Surgery. Kate Winslet in particular was cited in various high-profile UK publications (including The Telegraph and Marie Claire) as being against interfering with natural beauty – to such an extreme that she is forming what Marie Claire lauded an  “Anti-Cosmetic […]

Cosmetic Surgery: hospital worries explained…

Cosmetic Surgery: Worries about being in hospital Most people have some worries and concerns about having any kind of operation and being in hospital. People going into hospital for surgery for breast enlargement often come up with the following questions: 1. How many people stay overnight in hospital following surgery? Whenever possible, after you have […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Can Breast Uplift surgery correct my saggy breasts from breastfeeding?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, since the birth of my sons, my breasts have become extremely saggy. Although I didn’’t breastfeed, I noticed that when I was lactating my cup size increased from a 34C to a 34G. After a couple of weeks, they reduced to a 34B and this is how they have remained. I […]

Which profession has the most Plastic Surgery? (the answer might surprise you…)

Why do so many teachers opt for plastic surgery? At Aurora Clinics, many of our surgeons have noticed a trend for more teachers than other professions opting for plastic surgical procedures. The possible causes for this that we have discussed include: Pressure to remain youthful Teachers are one of the only professions who frequently work […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Can Aurora Clinics provide a second opinion?

Question: I am writing to ask if you can provide a second opinion with regard to surgery which has been carried out by a cosmetic clinic based in Harley Street? I recently had a face lift but have since noticed that I still have jowls and one side is significantly heavier than the other. Loose […]

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: A Good Advert?

Are Celebrities Good Adverts for Cosmetic Surgery? On balance, we feel that many celebrities are not particularly good adverts for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here are the reasons why… Celebrities who are in the press for having had cosmetic or plastic surgery are frequently those who have had very obvious – and sometimes extreme – […]

Aurora Clinics May 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter in Brief Aurora Celebrates Booking of 12,000th Patient! Read more… The Summer Wedding Special: Confidence-enhancing cosmetic surgery, make-up packages and non-surgical skin treatments for the Big Day. Read More… Don’’t Sweat It this Summer: Hyperhidrosis Treatment. Read more.. 12,000th Patient Chooses Aurora Clinics for their Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Last month, the Aurora team celebrated […]

bareEscentuals Makeover Prize for lucky Aurora Facebook page winner!

Congratulations to Mandy Potter, winner of our Facebook Prize Draw! The competition, run at the end of last year, offered a free bareEscentuals Makeover experience to one lucky Fan of the Aurora Clinics Facebook page (selected at random). Plus, lucky winner Mandy also received a free bareEscentuals Eyes Kit to create a gorgeous smoky eye […]

Are your Breast Implants a timebomb? The explosive truth about PIP implants

Already had a Breast Enlargement? Or perhaps you’’ve been researching getting one? Either way, you’’ve probably heard the recent scandal about PIP “exploding” implants. But how seriously did you take it? PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) Implants are simply the name of a brand. They are French and, for the past 20 years, have been very […]

Aurora Clinics April 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter in Brief Mole Removal: Look Great & Stay Skin Cancer Safe Read more… Semi Permanent Make-up with Pauline Kneller Read More… Tribal Ear Piercing Correction at Aurora Read more.. Spring Special Offer on Sun-care Read more.. Mole Removal at Aurora: Look Great & Stay Skin Cancer Safe Private Healthcare UK recently reported a surge […]

Cosmetic Surgery costs to double due to compensation culture?

Aurora Clinics fans may be worried by claims from The Daily Mail recently that cosmetic surgery costs could be set to double in as little as 12 months’’ time. A “litigation tidal wave” is causing the alarm. That is: journalists, hot on the heels of Cosmetic Surgery Today website, reckon that the spiralling compensation culture […]

Aurora Clinics March 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter in Brief 10 Years Younger Competition Read more… Have a Beautiful Recession: Cosmetic Surgery on a Budget Read More… Mr Prashant Govilkar’’s Talk on Weight Loss Surgery 1st March 2011 Read more.. 10 Years Younger Competition Last year we launched a ‘10 Years Younger Competition’ with our local radio station Mix 96. Listeners were […]

Budget Botox on the High Street? “You get what you pay for!”

My Google Alerts today were full of the news that Superdrug are launching anti-wrinkle treatments, Dermaroller and Dermal Fillers. Yes, you heard it right: Superdrug…, the cheap-as-chips budget-beauty-store-come-chemists, will be offering up injectables alongside your lunch break Meal Deal. The fact that the team here at Aurora Clinics (undoubtedly like staff at Cosmetic Surgery Centres […]

Buttock Augmentation death highlights the importance of choosing a Registered Surgeon

You have probably heard in the news the unfortunate story of Londoner Claudia Aderotimi, 20, who died following a Buttock Augmentation earlier this month. Claudia experienced chest pains and difficulty breathing, then died (preliminary post-mortem examinations have shown) when her lung filled with silicone, causing a fatal embolism. Whilst this story is incredibly sad, it […]

Aurora Clinics February Newsletter

Newsletter in Brief: We’re delighted to announce our new website Surgery Abroad – worth the risk? Join us on Facebook and you could win a Great Prize! Special Skin Improvement Offer Extended! New Aurora Website We’’re delighted to announce our new website which has been many months in the planning. Since launching our original website […]

What your man REALLY wants you to look like this Valentine’s!

It’’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day; the allocated day of the year for unashamed partner-baiting/celebrating your relationship with cards, romantic meals and making yourself look drop-dead gorgeous to confirm how lucky your man is to have you. But with UK women increasingly choosing breasts, neck and face-lift surgeries above all others (except Botox and Fillers) in […]

Explaining the latest Cosmetic Surgery trends: new 2010 BAAPS statistics

Some clear trends in Cosmetic Surgery were apparent when The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) released the UK’’s 2010 statistics this week. Despite the recession, there are more cosmetic surgery procedures being carried out in the UK than ever: a 5% increase on the previous year. But whilst some procedures are clearly on […]

Have a beautiful recession: Cosmetic Surgery on a budget

As economic turmoil is expected in the UK for another 3 years and families feel a continued squeeze on their incomes, the good news is this doesn’’t mean you have to kiss goodbye to looking good, start wearing home-made sack frocks and using charcoal mascara. In fact, Senior Cosmetics Analyst Alexandra Richmond found that during […]

A Brief Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

The demand for cosmetic surgery has grown in the UK (as in the US and the rest of the world) over the last few years. This trend has been fuelled by the stars and the celebrities of the world. The cosmetic surgery market in the UK has grown at a rapid pace over the past 5 […]

New Year’s Resolutions beneficial to Cosmetic Surgery

It’’s the New Year – …have you decided 2011 would be a good time for a “New You” with some cosmetic treatment? Why not also make your New Year’s Resolutions work for you? Did you know that although surgery can make dramatic improvements to you, physically and emotionally, it is not a “miracle cure” alone: […]

Giving the gift of Cosmetic Surgery this Christmas

According to recent research,  a growing trend means as many as 2 million Brits would consider gifting their partners a Cosmetic Surgery procedure for Christmas! Top treatments thought likely to get loved ones’ eyes a-glow this year include: Breast Enlargement, Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping), Botox and Dermal Fillers. However, approximately half this amount would apparently be […]

Botox has emotional and psychological benefits, not just physical

A recent study by Dr Steven Dayan (MD, FACS, Chicago Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at University of Illinois at Chicago, Adjunct Professor at DePaul University) found that there is far more to be said for Botox treatments than pure vanity (see our previous blog). Botox treatments can increase your […]

Are most Plastic Surgery patients vain?

It is a misconception that most patients considering Plastic Surgery are excessive or vain. Most Plastic Surgery patients have real problems and so have genuine concerns which they would like treated. Once this area is addressed they often experience improved self-confidence and feel better in themselves. Issues patients typically come to discuss include: Breast Asymmetry. Many women in their early twenties […]

What are breast capsules and how are they best treated?

All foreign materials in our body become surrounded by a thin layer of tissue. This is the body’s way of fending off material that it does not recognize.This occurs around hip replacements, heart valves and any implant or device.  With breast implants, in the majority of patients, this lining (which is called a capsule) remains soft and […]

Aurora: empowering not pushing clients into cosmetic treatments

According to RED magazine’’s  latest cover story (“Warning: Botox Pushers at Work!” Dec 2010), visiting a cosmetic clinic like Aurora is akin to braving a mobile phone dealer’s the week before pay-day with your archaic current model on display and a neon “mug” sign flashing above your head. Expect to be pounced on (Ruth Elkins […]

5 questions to ask your Practitioner if you are considering a non-surgical solution

Non-surgical solutions include Botox for reducing active lines on the face and dermal fillers for restoring volume to the face. In the UK we have seen a rapid increase in the last few years of the number of these procedures performed. It is important to assess the qualifications & experience of your practitioner prior to […]

Which organisations should your Plastic Surgeon be a member of?

There are a number of organisations which Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors can be affiliated to. As a basis, all doctors & plastic surgeons should be registered by the General Medical Council (GMC). This organisation is mandatory to belong to for all registered doctors and you can check their registration at For plastic surgeons, […]

Praise for Aurora Clinics Cosmetic Surgery videos

Thousands of people around the globe are watching the surgical and informational videos that are being produced by Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics, based in the United Kingdom. Some of the viewers are so impressed with the professionalism of these videos, they come to Aurora Clinics to seek further advice and offer their praise….. […]

What type of surgery is available on the NHS?

Aurora Surgeon Adrian Richards shares his insights about Cosmetic Surgery on the NHS… In the old days when I was a trainee plastic surgeon, procedures such as breast enlargement and surgery for inverted nipples and even tummy tucks and rhinoplasty (nose surgery) were permissible on the NHS. However, in the last few years the government […]

What can I do if I have developed poor scarring?

There are a number of techniques that you can use to improve scarring and help it settle down and become less noticeable. Generally, in the first instance I advise massage of the scar twice daily with Bio-Oil. If this fails to control or improve the scarring within 4 weeks then progress to the application of […]

How do steroid injections help improve prominent scarring?

Steroid injections act by decreasing any inflammation within the scar. It is the inflammation within the scar that produces the lumpiness and prominence of the scar by reducing the inflammation as the scarring is slightly to be improved. We generally recommend that certain injections are performed every 6 weeks until the scars have settled down adequately […]

IHAS register in the UK – will it help reduce bad practice?

  As you may know, the UK government has recently launched a regulation authority for Botox and non-surgical treatments called IHAS. This is supported by a website. This scheme is supported by the government and is a voluntary scheme in which clinics can register with the IHAS organisation and are then regularly assessed and audited. […]

Regulation of the non-surgical market in the United Kingdom

Non-surgical facial treatments such as Botox and Dermal Filler injections are almost completely unregulated in the United Kingdom. There is no clear guidance over who can administer these treatments and in which locations. Botox is a prescription-only medicine and the MHRA states that it should only be administered after seeing a doctor, dentist or a […]

The NDM-1 bacteria – what does it mean for you?

There have been recent reports of a new type of antibiotic resistant bacteria called New Delhi Metallo 1 Strain. This is a strain of bacteria which originated in the Indian subcontinent. The concern with this bacteria is that it is resistant to almost all types of antibiotic, making treatment very difficult. You are generally very […]

NHS bears costs of botched Cosmetic Surgery

A Plastic Surgeon has warned botched private cosmetic surgery is costing the NHS in Oxfordshire ‘thousands and thousands’ each year. Countless people flocking to places like Poland and India for unregulated breast augmentation and tummy tucks are relying on the NHS to pay surgeons when it goes wrong, he claimed. Adrian Richards, who runs Aurora […]

Breast cancer rates dropped in the United Kingdom

Recent reports released in August show that the rates of breast cancer have significantly fallen in the United Kingdom in the last few years. This is largely down to better screening for breast cancer in the United Kingdom and earlier diagnosis with techniques such as mammograms and ultrasounds. However, the survival rate from breast cancer […]

Why do some scars look dotty?

Today we saw a lady with a scar on her abdomen. She’d had a mole removed ten years previously and stitched up by her general practitioner. The scar had faded well and was now a very light silvery colour, but unfortunately she’d been left with small dots on either side of the incision. These dots […]

How do I know whether my weight is low enough to have surgery?

Generally most surgeons will not perform progressive surgical procedures patients with a body mass index of over 30. This is because the risk of you having problems with a delayed with slow wound healing or skin irregularity is being found to be much higher in people with a body mass index of over 30. If […]

Who else is present when I have the operation?

Another set of unsung heroes in any operation are the theatre team. It’s essential that the surgeon and the scrub team have a very good understanding of what is involved in each operation. Adrian Richards shares his thoughts… I’ve worked with a scrub nurse for the past 8 years and she has unfortunately left work to […]

How important is the anaesthetist in cosmetic surgical procedures?

An often unsung hero, Adrian Richards shares his thoughts on how important the anaesthetist is… To get the best outcome from any operation, both the anaesthetist and scrub team need to be very experienced and as good at their jobs as the surgeon themselves. I only use 2 or 3 anaesthetists who I have worked […]

Should you apply sunblock every day?

Should you apply sunblock every day? Adrian Richards shares his thoughts… The answer to this is yes! Even in cold, wet countries, such as the United Kingdom, you are getting daily damage to your skin from ultraviolet light. The recommendation is therefore that you apply sunblock which is often included in a moisturiser every morning. […]

5 things to consider once you have decided to go ahead with surgery

Once you have decided you would like to go ahead with surgery there are 5 important factors we would recommend that you discuss with your surgeon and make sure that you have clear prior to surgery. 1. How long will you be in hospital? Many operations now are being performed as day cases or with […]

Five questions to ask your plastic surgeon

Prior to your consultation with your plastic surgeon it is important to do your research. Here are five questions we would recommend that you ask them at the consultation. 1. Do you specialise in this form of treatment? Most plastic surgeons are covering a wide spectrum of conditions such as hand surgery, breast reconstruction surgery after […]

Dedicated online training courses for GPs

Click on the video to view Mr Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Surgical Director at Aurora Clinics, now offers General Practitioners a dedicated online training course for minor procedures. Videos detailing the latest techniques for minor surgery training have been designed with GPs in mind. Advice is given on what you should be treating, […]