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What’s the perfect breast implant size?

After the awesome eighties we had the minimal nineties where natural smaller breasts adorned the waif-like frame of models like Kate Moss. Then we swung to the ultra-glam days of the WAGs sporting large perfectly round breasts. But with Victoria Beckham opting for a more understated look these days, what’s a girl to do? How […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of The Baddow Hospital in Essex

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Essex with Mr Mobinulla Syed

Considering breast enlargement surgery and looking for a surgeon close to home? Find out more about what you can expect from breast augmentation surgery with the Essex-based experts at Aurora Clinics part of The Private Clinic. What is breast enlargement surgery? Breast enlargement surgery also known as a breast augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery […]

Aurora Clinics: Crisalix 3D Simulation

Breast Augmentation: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

With so many things to think about it when considering breast enlargement surgery it can be a mind-boggling and scary prospect. Where do you start? From the hundreds of women we see every year who are considering this surgery we have put together 10 of the most commonly asked questions, to help make your decision […]

Aurora Clinics; Image showing a picture of Implants

Why would you think about removing your breast implants?

One of the most common questions asked when patients are considering breast augmentation surgery, is the lifespan of the implants. In theory, your implants should last a lifetime, but you must remember that everyones body is different, and reacts in different ways. So what is making women decide to ditch the implants? Here at Aurora […]

Aurora Clinics: Sagging breasts treated with an uplift

Sagging breasts – how do you know if you need a Breast Uplift or implants?

For most women, breasts are an important part of their body identity. If you feel your breasts are too small, or too large, it can drastically affect your self-esteem. But at least in those cases, it’s clear which surgical procedure would help, if surgery’s an option for you. However, if you’re unhappy with sagging breasts, […]

How the Keller Funnel has reduced Breast Augmentation Scar Size

If you’re thinking about breast enlargement, but put off by the scars, you have nothing to worry about if your surgeon is using the Keller Funnel technique. With breast enlargement being one of the words top cosmetic procedures any leaps forward in techniques are big news. Two years ago the Keller Funnel  was a relatively […]

Showing Before and After Photos

What questions should you be asking when visiting other clinics?

When researching a surgical procedure you are considering it is important to be asking the right questions when visiting various clinics and meeting with your surgeon.  We have put together 6 key questions to make sure you get all the information you need from a clinic to make an informed decision on your chosen surgery. […]

Aurora Clinics; Image showing Ariel Winter

What is causing the rise in teenage breast reductions?

Do you ever wish sometimes that you could go back to your teenage years where all you worried about was the next party or night out?  As the world of technology has advanced over the years we now tend to do everything on a phone, tablet or laptop, it is safe to say that you […]

View our latest before and after photos of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast uplift or breast enlargement? 2 DIY techniques to diagnose breast droop

Do you look in the mirror and wonder whether your breasts are in proportion? Maybe they lack fullness or your nipples sit too low. Breast droop also known as breast ptosis is a term to describe how your nipple sits in relation to your sternal notch and your inframammary fold (the fold underneath the breast). We […]

Sam Chapman discussing her breast reduction surgery

Pixiwoo Youtuber Sam Chapman tells her Breast Reduction Story

Sam Chapman of Youtube sensation Pixiwoo has opened up to her 2 million subscribers about her recent breast reduction surgery which took her breasts from a 32HH to a 34DD. In her video she talks in detail about the issues that motivated her to undergo the procedure as well as describing what you can expect if you are considering […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of PIP Implant Replacement Ambassador Louise

Louise’s PIP Implant Replacement Journey at Aurora Clinics

Follow Louise’s breast implant replacement surgery with breast specialist Mr Adrian Richards as she vlogs her entire journey from consultation right through to recovery. Louise had her first breast enlargement 13 years ago and unfortunately found out that she had the controversial Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants. After living with these implants for so long, Louise finally felt it was her time to take the plunge […]

Request your FREE Breast Enlargement Video Guide

At Aurora Clinics we understand that choosing to undergo elective surgery such as a breast augmentation is a big decision. Our ethos is to provide as much information to you as possible during this process so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you. We have a number of different resources available for […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Inverted nipple surgery before and after

3 grades of inverted nipples and their treatment options

Inverted nipples are extremely common, with an estimated 10% of the population suffering from this condition. What most people don’t know is that it isn’t just a case of ‘in’ or ‘out’. There are in fact three different grades of inverted nipples. So what do we mean by the ‘grade of inverted nipple’? Firstly it’s […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Implant Replacement: 7 Questions Answered

As mentioned in our previous article; 2016 breast surgery trends, we have seen a significant increase in demand for breast implant replacement surgery. If you have previously had a breast augmentation and are considering replacing your breast implants, then read on to find 7 of the most popular questions answered, by our breast surgery experts. 1: […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Before and After Gallery

Breast Augmentation Information Evening

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? Want more information about your options and what’s involved in the treatment? Then we’d love to see you at our breast augmentation information evening on Wednesday 16th March. We will begin the evening with an introduction to Aurora Clinics and an insight into breast augmentation surgery from Mr Adrian Richards, our […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Enlargement Surgery

‘Less is More’…emerging breast surgery trends for 2016

After turning 100 last year, the plastic surgery industry is beginning to mature and settle down. Gone are the days of women wanting to overhaul their looks. Now the trend is ‘less is more’. We take a look at what may be driving this change and why we think 2016 is going to be ‘the […]

Aurora Clinics: Put your questions live to Mr Adrian Richards

Put your questions live to Mr Adrian Richards

Interested in breast enlargement surgery? Want to get expert advice from a leading Plastic Surgeon? Register for free and join our webinar to hear from renowned Plastic Surgeon, and breast surgery expert, Mr Adrian Richards who will walk you through what you can expect from a breast enlargement procedure at Aurora Clinics. This will include: […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Areola Reduction Surgery to treat puffy areolas

Puffy areolas – can they be treated, and how?

When there’s something you don’t like about your body, it’s easy to underestimate how many others feel the same as you. Generally, women don’t tend to see their friends topless, so other women’s boobs can be somewhat of an unknown quantity! But you’d be surprised how many women have similar breasts to you. And if it’s puffy areolas that […]

Aurora Clinics: Crisalix surgery simulator

Considering Breast Enlargement? Come and try our new 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator

Are you curious how you’d look with a Breast Enlargement? Come and find out with our new Crisalix Plastic Surgery Simulator. When you’re considering any plastic surgery procedure, there’s plenty to think about. But the biggie is what you can expect to look like afterwards. You may be deeply unhappy with something and desperately want […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Breast Implant Replacement – when’s the right time?

If you’ve got breast implants, you’ve probably considered the prospect of having them replaced. But when’s the right time to change your implants? Well, mostly due to conflicting or outdated advice, there’s a lot of confusion about how long breast implants actually last. There’s a common misconception that they’re only good for 10 years, almost […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Reduction Surgery

Can breasts regrow after Breast Reductions?

At our clinics, we’re seeing a growing number of enquiries for Breast Reductions, especially from younger women. But is there a ‘right time’ for a Breast Reduction – and can they grow back again? Well the short answer is yes, breast tissue can grow back after surgery, under certain circumstances. It’s more likely to happen […]

Aurora Clinics: Breast Enlargement injections - do they work?

The perfect boob job from A-Z…

Thinking about Breast Enlargement? Read our guide to getting the best out of your boob job. A-Z of the perfect boob job Ask for help You’ll be out of action for a while after your op. Driving and lifting are a particular no-no for the first week or so, which can be a pain. So […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Are your boobs big enough for surgery? 3 key questions about reducing breast size

Big breasts. They’re fetishised and adored, but often a pain for the women with them – quite literally. If you’re bothered by your boobs and thinking about a breast reduction, here’s some key questions about reducing breast size. When are large breasts big enough for surgery? This week, The Mirror featured 20-year-old Ginny Chapman, who was refused […]

Aurora Clinics: Breast Enlargement injections - do they work?

Breast Augmentation – what decisions will you need to make?

Thousands of women every year choose to enlarge their breasts, and most are delighted with their results. But to get there, they’ve had to make several important decisions along the way.  Breast augmentation has a fair number of variables to consider – and that’s on top of all your research to find a great surgeon. Let’s take […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing patient before breast enlargement surgery with Keller funnel

Short scar Breast Enlargement now available – thanks to the Keller Funnel

If you’re thinking about breast enlargement, but put off by the scars, the Keller Funnel may be the development you’ve been waiting for. The cosmetic industry is rapidly advancing, with new techniques and products being developed all the time. And with breast enlargement being the world’s no. 1 cosmetic procedure, any leaps forward in technique […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Rachel one week after breast augmentation

My Breast Augmentation Journey with Aurora Clinics – Rachel

This week, another of our patients at Aurora has kindly decided to share her experience. Rachael had breast augmentation and breast lift with Adrian Richards to correct severe asymmetry. You can read her personal diary below. For more details and photos, Rachel’s also shared her breast augmentation story over on the RealSelf website, which is […]

Aurora Clinics: Transgender breast surgery is available at Aurora Clinics

Transgender Breast Surgery available from Miles Berry at Aurora

With Bruce Jenner revealing his new female identity, Caitlyn, in a Vanity Fair photo spread this week, gender reassignment is in the news. It’s a subject we haven’t spoken about often, though we’ve long offered transgender breast surgery at our clinics. So in the light of Caitlyn’s going public, we thought it was a great opportunity […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery – My Story (by Lorna)

Following last week’s diary of a tummy tuck, we’re delighted to feature another personal account from one of our patients. This week, Lorna talks about her experience of breast reduction surgery with us – and shares some fantastic advice. “My decision to have breast reduction surgery was an easy one…. I’’ve had large breasts all […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Breast Enlargement Patient Samantha

Breast Enlargement patient Samantha Rea discusses op in the Telegraph

Fighting off stiff competition, it’s still the world’s favourite cosmetic surgery procedure. Every year, women wanting to enhance their looks are choosing this op above all others. Even with a 20% dip last year, there were a whopping 8,609 women in the UK who had surgery to boost their busts. But WHY do so many […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing breast implant removal

Considering Breast Implant Removal? Here’s what you want to know

Celeb Big Brother winner Katie Price has just done it, and she’s by no means alone. More and more women every year are deciding to ditch their breast implants. At our clinics, we saw a 97% increase in women seeking breast implant removal last year. If you’re thinking about taking out your implants, but worried […]

Aurora Clinics: Breast Reduction surgery can be truly life-changing

Breast Reduction patient Kim Mills features in CH4’s “£2 Billion a Week and Counting”

At Aurora, we’re regularly contacted by patients who have been refused surgery by the NHS – and the overwhelming majority are women seeking Breast Reduction surgery. Many are living with agonising back pain and posture problems, and the most extreme cases have trouble with everyday tasks most of us take for granted, like getting dressed […]

Aurora Clinics: Breast Enlargement injections - do they work?

Do Breast Enlargement injections really work?

If you’re interested in the ever-evolving world of cosmetic treatments, you’re probably familiar with the concept of Breast Enlargement injections. Last month, US-based plastic surgeon Dr Norman Rowe, who operates in New York, revealed to the world his latest project – a short-term breast augmentation using saline injections, dubbed ‘Vacation Breasts’. The finer details of […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing results of breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction – is it riskier than Breast Enlargement?

A total of 4,680 women underwent breast reduction surgery in the UK last year – up 11% on the previous year. It’s a procedure that’s becoming increasingly popular, and is now the 4th most common cosmetic operation among women in the UK. But how does breast reduction compare with the undisputed queen of cosmetic surgery […]

Aurora Clinics: Nipple reduction surgery - a popular male cosmetic procedure

Smaller, rounder, flatter – the 3 types of Nipple Reduction and who they’re for

Nipple Reduction may not get its fair share of coverage in the media, but it’s something we consistently receive enquiries about at Aurora. In our experience, when people ask us about nipple reduction, they may actually be referring to any one of three procedures: nipple reduction, areola reduction, or gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction). Each […]

The future of breast implants – what will breast enlargement look like in 10 years?

Breast enlargement, the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, sees thousands of women every year choosing to boost their bust with the help of breast implants and a skilled surgeon. And unlike the early days of the procedure, choosing which type of implants is often as big a decision as choosing a surgeon. With so […]

Watch Kirsty’s Breast Enlargement video diary

If you’re considering breast enlargement but have lots of questions going around in your mind, you’re certainly not alone. The prospect of having any surgical procedure is something most people feel a little apprehensive about. It’s natural to feel unsure about something that you’ve never experienced before. One of the best ways to learn what […]

Breast implants for granddaughter’’s birthday

We’re more used to hearing about grandparents treating their grandchildren to some sweets, or perhaps a new toy. But Amy Hart from Worthing, East Sussex has received an unorthodox gift from her grandma and granddad – they have paid £5,000 for her to have breast implants. Speaking in the Daily Star, 22-year-old Amy told how […]

Breast Explantation – a letter from one of our patients

Recently, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of women at our clinics who received breast implants elsewhere and are now looking to remove them. If you’re thinking about implant removal, we understand it’s often a difficult decision. To give you an insight into the process, here is a letter we received last week from one […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Will weight loss change my breasts after Breast Enlargement?

Breast Enlargement questions: Hi there, I am due to get married later this year, and am planning to have a breast enlargement before then. Before I book, I have a few questions that I hope you can answer? I am in the process of losing weight and am still 2 stone away from my desired look. […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Can I reduce my areolas, widen and lift my breasts and move them closer together?

Areola Reduction question: Hi there, I wonder if you can advise. I am 27 years old, and have had two recent pregnancies, breastfeeding both babies. Now, my breasts and in particular my areolas look significantly different to how they were pre-pregnancy. During my pregnancies and lactation, my breast tissue increased, but the areolas expanded a disproportionate […]

Why women seek to remove their implants – and points to consider if you’re one of them

From talking to breast implant manufacturers in the UK, we estimate that around 30-40,000 women every year receive implants. A significant figure, but one that’s difficult to verify as there is currently no register for patients undergoing breast enlargement. The Keogh report, released in the wake of the PIP implant scandal, recommended the creation of […]

Final verdict on PIP implants published by SCENIHR

On 15 May 2014, the European Commission and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) published their final opinion on the safety of Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) silicone breast implants. The report is an update of their earlier Opinion issued in 2012, taking into account new evidence that has become available […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

I’m considering Breast Reduction Surgery – can you answer a few questions?

Breast Reduction Questions: Hello, I am seriously considering Breast Reduction Surgery, and naturally I have some unanswered questions. If you could please answer the following, I would very much appreciate it: 1) If I ever lost or put on weight would this affect my new breast size? 2) If I were to have another child would […]

PIP implants – Welsh Government will not reclaim £1.2m removal cost

The Welsh Government have announced they won’’t be reclaiming the £1.2 million cost to the NHS of replacing faulty PIP breast implants fitted by private cosmetic surgery companies. The huge cost was racked up on removing and replacing PIPs between 2012 and 2013, when £819,000 was paid out, and 2013-2014, which saw an additional £422,000 […]

Thinking about Breast Enlargement?

Breast Enlargement is the world’’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, and growing in popularity all the time. Figures released by BAAPS this week show the procedure saw a 13% increase last year in the UK, and it is by far the most requested surgery at our clinics. If you are thinking about breast enlargement surgery, […]

PIP implants compensation ruling upheld by French court

An appeal court in France has upheld a ruling giving compensation to around 1,700 women who received PIP breast implants. Judges ruled that the German firm which certified the implants, TUV Rheinland, must pay 3,000 Euros (£2,470) in damages to each of the women. The firm had previously been found jointly liable, along with French implant […]

Don’’t fancy your father seeing your breasts? Not these two

Two American daughters are proud to be walking advertisements for their father’’s trade – he is a plastic surgeon and they have both undergone breast augmentation surgery by his own fair hands. The two sisters, who were adopted as babies and are both 25, expressed an interest in their father’’s profession from a young age […]

Heidi Montag undergoes Breast Reduction surgery

Ms Montag, reality star of the US hit series ‘The Hills’ and Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, has purportedly undergone fresh surgery to reduce the size of her already-enhanced ample assets. Montag famously got her original breast implants alongside 9 other procedures all in one day. In addition to having her naturally-sized A breasts increased […]

Courtney Stodden cites Plastic Surgery as primary reason for marriage breakdown

In the marriage that no one really expected to last, reality star Courtney Stodden and actor husband Doug Stanhope announced their separation earlier this month. Although no reasons were given at the time an E! video interview with Stodden gives us some more insight on the matter. The diminutive but highly enhanced American 19-year-old admitted […]

Angelina Jolie credited with raising breast cancer awareness

This summer Angelina Jolie famously went public with her decision to have a preventative double mastectomy earlier in the year, following the discovery that she carried the faulty BRCA1 gene, which is associated with higher instances of breast and ovarian cancers. Her Plastic Surgeon, Dr Jay Orringer, has since seen a rise in the number […]

PIP implants – worse than originally thought?

A study reported in the International Journal of Surgical Reconstructions has offered a new insight in to the PIP implant scandal – revealing that the instances of rupture may be greater than government reports would have led us to believe. The study, which was conducted by Spire Murray Hospital in Edinburgh, reveals findings that indicate […]

Angelina Jolie writes sensitive piece on double mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

Angelie Jolie – global superstar, partner of Brad Pitt and mother to six children, has taken the brave step to make public her decision to undertake a double mastectomy following the discovery that she carries the BRCA1 gene. The gene makes hereditary breast and ovarian cancer significantly more likely, and as her own mother passed […]

Reality TV show ‘The Valleys’ mirrors other reality show trends

There’’s a new reality TV series on our screens and this time the girls are brasher, there’’s even more nudity and they get even more dressed up than those in The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) and Newcastle’’s Geordie Shore. The Valleys is a reality show that brings young men and women from the Welsh […]

Reality TV star fixes previous boob job and increases cup size

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has revealed the reason behind her latest boob job to Now magazine, citing weight loss and the resulting impact it had on her original implants. The reality star, now 21, had her first boob job at 18. Since then she has lost two stone in weight and the result of […]

Has Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere had a boob job?

Recent shots of the 23-year-old in her bikini show a rather different figure to previous bikini photographs, leading to speculation that the star has had breast implants. Previous photos show a much flatter chest with minimal cleavage whereas the new ones show her filling out her bikini top and sporting an ample cleavage. In addition […]

Natalie Portman suspected of Breast Enlargement

Natalie Portman struck a very slim, and consequently flat-chested, look for the critically acclaimed film Black Swan, released two years ago in 2010. Now however latest promo shots for her upcoming movie reveal a rather fuller outline, in particular a noticeably fuller bust. Could it be that the actress has turned to breast implants as […]

Saline vs Silicone implants – is one better than the other?

Two Florida plastic surgeons have this week gone public in the saline versus silicone breast implants debate. So which, if either, is better – and what verdict did the surgeons ultimately reach? The fact is, which is what the surgeons also concluded, neither option is necessarily better than the other, but they have different features […]

Katie Price in post-op agony after fifth Breast Enlargement

Katie Price, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, flew to Belgium this summer for her fifth breast enlargement operation and suffered complications as a result. The model and reality TV star knew that because of her previous surgeries this one could be complicated. She was also apparently out partying the night before the operation, […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Can I have Breast Enlargement and Inverted Nipple Correction together?

Breast Enlargement & Inverted Nipple Surgery question: Hi, I am looking to have a breast enlargement as well as inverted nipple correction – is it possible to have these at the same time? Thanks. Breast Enlargement & Inverted Nipple Surgery answer: Thank you very much for your question. It certainly is possible to have a […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

4 important questions – breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery questions: Hello, I am seriously considering breast reduction surgery. Naturally I have some unanswered questions. If you wouldn’’t mind answering these questions I would very much appreciate it: 1) If I ever lost or put weight on would this affect my new breast size? 2) If I were to have another child […]

Sharon Osborne rules out more Plastic Surgery after preventative double mastectomy

Sharon Osborne used her US TV talk show as the platform to inform the public that she has undergone a double mastectomy. Her decision follows the discovery that she carries the BRCA-2 breast cancer gene and also because of a faulty implant. She also revealed that she will have no more cosmetic surgery from now on. […]

US glamour model seeking Breast Enlargement for MMM bust

Lacey Wildd, glamour model and recent subject of US TV show ‘Extreme Surgery’, has revealed her plans to increase her LLL bust to a mind-boggling triple M cup size. Her breasts, which weigh 21lbs, are already so large that she has had an internal bra surgically fitted, with a combination of her own fat and […]

Breast Reconstruction surgery being afforded more prominence

US doctors are expressing their preference to offer breast reconstruction surgery much sooner to breast cancer patients who are forced to undergo single or double mastectomies as a result of the disease. Currently, the priority is to perform surgery to remove the cancerous cells with the importance of reconstructing the lost breasts as the secondary […]

Michelle Heaton to have double mastectomy & Breast Reconstruction

Michelle Heaton talked to Lorraine Kelly on TV this week about the devastating news that she has been diagnosed with the high cancer risk BRCA-2 gene, with her risk of contracting breast cancer 80% and ovarian cancer at 40%. As a result Heaton has made the brave decision to undergo a double mastectomy in order […]

Breast implants and breast screening

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many, if not all, of us will have been affected by this disease in some way, often knowing someone who has suffered from it. There has been speculation over the years that breast implants can help contribute to the risk of breast cancer, however this is an […]

Rihanna to get Breast Enlargement?

According to US tabloid The National Enquirer, worldwide pop sensation Rihanna is considering undergoing breast enlargement surgery to increase her bust by at least one cup size. The singer, who is admired worldwide for her figure, is supposedly going to do so at the behest of violent ex Chris Brown, who she split from in […]

US Plastic Surgeon criticises fat-transfer Breast Enlargement

Although the technology for breast enlargement through fat transfer has been around for some time, it has not reached the levels in popularity that silicone and saline implants have. Some are now considering it as a more natural alternative to breast implants, although Indiana surgeon Dr Gustavo E. Galante has raised some concerns over this […]

Breast Reduction surgery popular with American teens

There has been a reported rise in the number of teenage girls in the US seeking and receiving breast reduction to reduce the size of their breasts. This increase may be attributable to the fact that America’’s young are bigger than they used to be and this includes their bust sizes. General guidelines both here […]

PIP Breast Implant Removal and Replacement (VIDEO)

We have just added another brand new surgery video to the breast implant removal and replacement page of our website. Click on the image and it will take you to the video. This patient originally received 250cc PIP breast implants in 2008 from another clinic. She came to Aurora Clinics seeking to have them removed […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Sagging nipples after Breast Implant Removal – what can be done?

Breast Implant Removal question: Hi, I had my over the muscle, 320cc PIP implants removed nearly 5 months ago, which took me back to a 32 small A cup. Since then, the bottom of my nipples have sunk into my breast tissue. They are fine when cold, but fold over into my breast and sag […]

Uproar as “Princess Ariel” gets Breast Enlargement

She’s one of Disney’s most famous and well-loved characters, but a cosmetic surgery clinic in Caracas, Venezuela seems to think that Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid would benefit from a little cosmetic improvement. In a controversial poster promoting the Clinica Dempere, a smiling redhead mermaid (bearing a striking resemblance to Princess Ariel) is laying […]

Major Breast Reduction – a patient testimonial (VIDEO)

We’ve uploaded another new video testimonial to the website – this time from one of our Breast Reduction patients.  In the video you’ll hear from Dorothy, who had her breast reduction with Aurora Clinics 8 weeks ago. She came to us because she was suffering from considerable neck and back pain, and generally found her breasts […]

Breast Enlargement celebrates 50-year anniversary

We’ve already had one cosmetic milestone this year, with the 10-year anniversary of Botox’s approval as a wrinkle treatment. But now another one has come along. The first-ever silicone breast implant procedure was performed 50 years ago this year. Pioneers Dr Frank Gernow and Dr Thomas Cronin in Houston, Texas, developed the very first silicone […]

PIP implants – NHS has received over 7000 referrals to date

New figures show that 7,504 women who received PIP breast implants from private clinics have now been referred to the NHS. Of these, 4,742 went on to have scans and 583 subsequently decided to have their PIP implants removed. Removal has so far been performed on 308 of these women. The NHS has also seen […]

Replacement of ruptured left PIP implant undetected by MRI scan (VIDEO)

We’ve just added a brand new surgical video to the PIP Implants Latest News page on the website. Click here to see it: Removal of Ruptured Left PIP Implant that was Undetected by an MRI Scan. In the video, Mr Adrian Richards removes PIP implants from a patient who received them at another clinic in […]

Breast Enlargement a family affair for mum and daughters from Nottinghamshire

A mother and four of her daughters from Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, have between them had £50,000 worth of breast enlargement surgery. The Marshall family, which includes mum Chantal and daughters Emma, Ripley, Terri and Tara, have come under fire for speaking on television about their surgery, and about how they like ‘the fake look’. […]

Enterprising woman takes novel approach to financing Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures – but it doesn’t come cheap. And one American woman struggling to find the cash for her surgery has embarked on an unusual fundraising quest. Chrissy Lance, 37, from Ohio, has decided to appeal to the kindness of strangers for the money. And she […]

An inside look at the Nagor breast implants factory (VIDEO)

We have just uploaded our latest video to the website. The video gives you an inside look at the Nagor breast implants factory in Cumbernauld, Scotland. We went up to visit the factory with Sarah, Elaine and Victoria, three Aurora Clinics patients who came to us seeking removal and replacement of their PIP breast implants. In […]

Breast Reduction for over 600 British teenagers in last 5 years

If you read certain magazines, or watch certain TV programmes, you would be forgiven for thinking that all British teenage girls are obsessed with the idea of having bigger breasts. But the reality is quite different. According to official government statistics, a total of 647 British girls aged between 15 to 18 have undergone breast […]

Breast Enlargement on the rise in the USA

It was already the most popular cosmetic surgery in America, but Breast Enlargement’s popularity has grown even more in recent years. According to data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 307,180 breast enlargement procedures were performed in 2011, which represents a significant increase of 4% compared to 2010. New York Plastic Surgeon Dr […]

Second Breast Enlargement thrills Amy Childs

The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs has just undergone her second Breast Enlargement – and is absolutely thrilled with the results. She had originally had her breasts enlarged at the age of 18. But in recent years, she had become dissatisfied with them because she considered them to be “saggy”. This time, she […]

Family blames PIP breast implants for death of healthy mum

A healthy mum from East Lothian who received PIP breast implants in 2006 has died from a rare form of cancer. Forty-year old Susan Grieve lost her battle against lymphoma last month, and her family have spoken of their belief that the PIP implants were to blame. Susan had rupturing in one of her implants, […]

Breast Enlargement ladies – we want you!

If you’re one of the ladies who have had breast enlargement with us – or you’re currently thinking about having breast enlargement with us – would you give us 30 seconds of your time? We’re always looking to improve the Aurora Clinics website and make sure we’re providing the most useful information, so we thought […]

Breast Enlargement – a new place to chat

Breast enlargement is one of our most popular procedures here at Aurora. With that in mind, we’ve decided to create a space where women interested in breast enlargement at Aurora Clinics can chat to each other. So may we present…….our brand new Facebook group! The “Breast enlargement at Aurora Clinics” group is open to women […]

PIP implants’ safety – the NHS verdict is in

Following on from their interim report in January this year, the NHS expert group’s final report into PIP implants has now been published. The main findings from the report are as follows: PIP implants have a higher rupture rate than other brands – around 2-6 times higher. Silicone gel from ruptured PIP implants poses no […]

Scottish fight for a public inquiry into PIP implants goes on

A group of campaigners in Scotland have vowed to continue to fight for a public inquiry into the PIP breast implant scandal after their request was refused by Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon. During a meeting at the Scottish Parliament, the PIP Implants Scotland Group attempted to gain Ms Sturgeon’s support for an immediate “independent, […]

Breast Reduction “can add 5 years to your life”

According to a recent study, having very large breasts can take such a toll on a woman’s health that it can reduce her life by five years. It sounds dramatic, and it should be noted that it isn’t the large breasts themselves that shorten life. Rather than directly reducing lifespan, the fact that large breasts […]

How to choose your Breast Uplift surgeon

Choosing Your Breast Uplift Surgeon Choosing your surgeon is one of the most difficult things to do prior to your breast uplift surgery.  Most plastic surgeons do perform the breast uplift procedure but some specialise more in breast surgery and in particular, breast uplift surgery than others. Breast Uplift Surgeon Checklist We would advise you […]

Breast Enlargement surgery & pregnancy

Will my breasts change if I get pregnant after having breast implants? At Aurora Clinics, we are often asked by patients who are considering breast enlargement surgery whether they should have their surgery before or after having children and whether pregnancy would have any impact on their breast implants. The essential thing to note is: your breasts […]

The Top 2 Cosmetic Surgery procedures for Mums

Are You a Mum Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Many people mistakenly believe that mums don’t or shouldn’t consider cosmetic surgery because of their busy lives with their children. In fact, at Aurora Clinics we have found this not to be the case. We actually treat a lot of mums with children of varying ages. Why Do […]

Patient Satisfaction Survey – Aurora Clinics

The Results of our Recent Aurora Clinics Patient Satisfaction Survey Revealed Aurora Clinics take our patients’ satisfaction very seriously. As such, we consistently collect feedback from patients who have completed a whole range of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures with us. Each month we collate those results and see how we can improve. Here are […]

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

How Can I Reduce the Size of my Puffy & Large Areolas?

  Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I suffer from large areolas which are also unusually puffy. Two and a half months ago I had a Benelli mastopexy along with breast enlargement surgery for tuberous breasts on the NHS. I thought that this would also help make my areolas less puffy. My tuberous breast procedure went very […]

Breast Implants: What is the Difference between the CE Mark & FDA Approval?

A frequently asked question at Aurora Clinics recently has been: “ Are Nagor breast implants as good as Allergan because Allergan have FDA Approval whilst Nagor have a CE Mark instead?”  With increasing numbers of ladies currently opting for implant replacement (following the recent PIP implants scare) this question is on the minds of many. […]

Breast Implant Surgery is for Life, not just Valentines Day!

Be Careful what you Commit to this Valentines Day Breast enlargement surgery with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment worldwide all year round. Around Valentines Day though, bookings for this treatment typically peak even more as thoughts turn to looking good in lacey lingerie and a special surprise for our partners. This year, […]

Introducing Aurora Clinics’ Team of Expert Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Meet Some of our Aurora Clinics’ Expert Surgeons If you have been researching Aurora Clinics UK for your cosmetic surgery procedure, chances are that you found lots of videos and articles by Mr Adrian Richards. Adrian Richards (Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon) Mr. Richards is Aurora’’s Clinical Director and a fantastic surgeon – he was voted […]

Breast Implants and Aeroplane Flying

Is it safe to fly in an aeroplane with my breast implants? You may have heard about breast implants exploding at high altitudes – this is just a myth! It is completely safe to fly not too long after breast enlargement surgery with silicone breast implants. In fact, many of our breast enlargement patients have […]

BAAPS Statistics 2011: Cosmetic Surgery Trends at Aurora Clinics and Beyond

The annual BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) cosmetic surgery statistics got a little lost this year amidst the PIP Implants media frenzy. Nonetheless, they make for interesting reading so we thought you might like a summary of the findings and how they relate to us here at Aurora Clinics. UK Cosmetic Surgery Last […]